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Traveling by Bus – Holidays have arrived! Prepare These 5 Important Things if use Bus travel

Traveling by Bus – Buses are one of the public transportation alternatives that are a favorite of some Indonesians. In addition to relatively cheaper ticket prices, taking the bus can also be more exciting because travelers can enjoy the scenery with a different atmosphere.

Not infrequently, buses also pass through routes that have never been visited before, such as tourist attractions that are rarely known or even find culinary delights in the rest area. However, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, extra preparations must be made before traveling long distances by bus to stay healthy and safe to the destination.

Well, before traveling by bus, there are five preparations that need to be considered so that you don’t have to worry and enjoy the whole trip even more. Come on, see the information below.

Don’t just go, first check the terms and location of the destination.

In the midst of a pandemic situation, the first step that needs to be taken before traveling by bus is to find out what conditions must be met. For example, you must include the latest antigen results or fill out an online form.

This is to avoid the incident of failing to leave because you forgot to bring the required requirements. Equally important, you must also check the pandemic situation in the destination area so that it is maintained from the Covid-19 virus.

Traveling By Bus
Traveling by bus

Make sure the body is fit.

If the condition of the destination area is safe, now you need to make sure your body is in good condition to travel. Don’t force yourself to go when you’re sick because your immune system is vulnerable to disease.

If you are fit, prepare the items needed for maximum protection, such as hand sanitizer, spare masks, and disinfectant spray. That way, you will stay safe and feel comfortable throughout the trip.

Pack luggage to be practical.

Buses have limited baggage, so it’s better to bring as much as you need. Make a note of the items that must be brought in advance so you can see which ones are important to bring and minimize misses.

After that, pack your belongings effectively so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space so you don’t have to carry it around. It is recommended to divide your luggage into one large bag and one small bag containing essential items during the trip, such as medicines, water bottles, and wallets. This can also make it easier for you to reach the items you need, as well as more spacious space when sitting on the bus.

Choose the bus that suits your needs.

Taking public transportation while traveling means that we will be somewhere long enough with other people. Therefore, during the pandemic, it is advisable to choose a bus with complete and clean facilities.

Such as Sumber Alam which is one of the originators of the Physical Distancing Bus (GDP). Now Sumber Alam is back innovating by presenting the Bio Smart and Safe Bus which is equipped with a HEPA filter and UV-C light.

“With this technology, passengers will feel safer and not stuffy because of smoother air circulation. In the bus there is also a special bulkhead for the driver so as to avoid contact with passengers,” said Anthony.

Buy bus tickets online.

To avoid physical contact and long queues, you can order bus tickets online. This method will also ensure that you get tickets according to the desired schedule.

Not only that, but you can also get many interesting promos when buying tickets online.

So, do you have any vacation plans to unwind? Come on, immediately prepare for a trip now, and don’t forget to always maintain health protocols so that holidays are safe and fun.

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