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West Flores

Geography Of West Flores

24 November 2021 58x Travel Info

General information about Nusa Tenggara (NT) West Flores - “Nusa Tenggara” in English means “southeastern Island” and refers to the string of islands comprising the lesser Sunda islands laying just to the east of Bali. read more

Kecak Dance

Kecak Dance The Best Tradisional Dance In Bali

20 October 2021 47x Travel Info

The Kecak dance is a dance that is quite popular among tourists visiting the island of Bali. Foreign tourists usually call this dance "Monkey Dance" because they think the sound produced is like the sound of a monkey and in the dance itself, there is a monkey (hanuman). read more

Bali Tour | Goa Gajah Temple Or Elephant Cave Temple

About Goa Gajah Temple or Elephant Cave Temple

25 July 2021 46x Travel Info

Bali Goa Gajah Temple Is A Buddhist Temple Or Hermitage For Buddhist Monk In Ubud Bali read more

Tanah Lot

Bali Tanah Lot Temple Is The Most Meaningful Temple In Bali And The 1 And Only On The Sea With The Best View

25 July 2021 42x Travel Info

Bali Tanah Lot Temple Is Meaning The Small Island Floating On The Sea And Tanah Lot Temple Was Built On The Rock 3 Acre Size read more

Uluwatu Temple | Hire Bali Driver Service - Tips And Benefit

Uluwatu Temple Is A Balinese Hindu Temple And The Most Important Temple In Bali That Sits On 70 Meter High Cliff Protruding Above The Indonesian Ocean

25 July 2021 75x Travel Info

Bali Uluwatu Temple is Bali Interest Place situated in Pecatu Village, Kuta Sub-region, Badung District, Bali. The temple is 30 kilometers toward the south of Denpasar. read more

Campuhan Waterfall

Campuhan Waterfall / Gitgit Twin (2) Waterfall Campuhan Waterfall Or Most Known As Gitgit Twin Waterfall Is A Beautiful Twin Waterfall At Gitgit Village

25 July 2021 22x Travel Info

Campuhan Waterfall or otherwise called Gitgit Twin Waterfall is Bali Places of Interest which offers waterfall vacation destinations situated in Git town, Buleleng Regency with all its uniqueness and normal excellence. read more

Hotel Kupang

Hotel Kupang – 10 Best Recommended Hotels for Vacation or Business with location

20 July 2021 25x Travel Info

Hotel Kupang - Looking for lodging and hotels in Kupang for your next trip? We collect reviews of hotels and inns in Kupang from sources on the internet, such as Traveloka, tiket.com, and trip advisor. Please see the articles and reviews that we have written below. read more


12 Best Art Market For Bali Shopping You Need to know

13 July 2021 33x Travel Info

Bali Shopping Tours - For every tourist spending holiday in Bali, visiting art markets may be a must. There are tons of art markets in Bali which all of which sell various sorts of original Balinese souvenirs or handicrafts. read more

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida Islands- 12 Complete Guide From Fast Boat To Place To Stay

6 July 2021 125x Travel Info

Nusa Penida since 2 years ago has become the prima donna of tourists when on vacation to Bali.It's not surprising, well, the natural scenery in Nusa Penida is really unique and you could say it's rare for other tourist attractions in Indonesia that can match it. read more

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