7 Beautiful Do In Ubud Bali For Your Vacation

7 Beautiful do in Ubud Bali For Your Vacation

What is it about Ubud that one should visit this beautiful village? Because Ubud has much to offer; from its stunning panorama of Ayung River valley and the terraces rice field, its most talented artist, its typical traditional market and myriad of shops that line the road is a heaven for shopping, its undying culture, its serene environs and plentiful of nice small hotels and restaurants and many more

Bali Vacation Transportation Options: Car Rental In Bali Or Tour Packages?

Bali Vacation Transportation Options: Car Rental in Bali or Tour Packages?

Explore Bali comfortably using this transportation option For those of you who have never or rarely vacationed in Bali, transportation problems in Bali might be one of the questions. In fact, there are actually several transportation options that you can take advantage of while on vacation in Bali: rent a motorbike, rent a car in Bali, or even join a Bali tour package that will take you to various tourist attractions.