3 Happy Advice Travel Guides When Traveling With Your Partner

Travel Guides – Traveling With Your Partner

Travel guides – Traveling with your lover can be one of the memories that will not be forgotten. Besides being able to spend time together, traveling together can also make you know your partner better, from the mindset, decision making, to the way he handles various problems that arise on the way.

Apart from the fun things, there are also some things that shouldn’t be done. First of all, you have to understand that couple’s travel doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Always together 24/7 can even make you and him not be able to enjoy the holiday to the fullest. Even if you and he are only on vacation for one week, make sure each of them gets 2 to 3 hours per day for themselves.
Use those few hours to fulfill your own needs starting from skincare, masks, reading books, and so on. This action is even more important if one of you and your partner are introverts.


Don’t think that every second of your vacation with your partner will feel romantic and passionate like fireworks. In fact, couples who like to vacation together don’t always feel that way.

Delayed planes, getting lost, and facing some inconveniences still feel annoying and kill the romance you imagine. Instead of being disappointed, try to assume that any inconvenience can allow you and him to learn to solve problems together. It can also strengthen your relationship with your partner.
Third, avoid fighting over finances. The worst argument with a partner, especially during the holidays, is about finances. Better, talk about it first before you travel together, especially if you intend to vacation for a long time with your partner.

Last but not least,

don’t act possessive, whether on vacation or in everyday life. Vacations are all about enjoying a new environment, culture, and people. Possessive behavior towards your partner will only make your journey uncomfortable.

Especially, if you are on vacation in Europe. There, the men are very vocal about their appreciation of the beauty of women so that not infrequently, they will look like they are flirting with your lover.

Travel guides – Husbands or lovers, don’t panic or try to fight. Usually, they just give compliments to your lover without any malicious intent.

On the other hand, women don’t have to be jealous when their partner glances at a stranger who looks good. At the end of the day, your lover goes on vacation with you.

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