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West Flores

Geography Of West Flores

24 November 2021 65x Travel Info

General information about Nusa Tenggara (NT) West Flores - “Nusa Tenggara” in English means “southeastern Island” and refers to the string of islands comprising the lesser Sunda islands laying just to the east of Bali. read more

National Park | Labuan Bajo

Flores Guide And Tips

28 April 2021 26x Travel Guides

The name Flores comes from the Portuguese and means "flowers". The island belongs to the so-called Sunda Islands in the Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara. read more

Komodo Dragon Tour

Facts About Komodo National Park

18 July 2020 73x Travel Info

Many beautiful islands, the unique Komodo dragons and the legendary underwater world - all this makes the Komodo National Park with its main islands Rinca , Komodo and Padar . read more

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