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15 Tips for Safe travel in the New Normal Era

Safe travels meaning – The pandemic that has lasted for almost a year, and a half has indeed changed many aspects of our lives. Vacation and traveling matters are now changing, Before the pandemic, long holidays and long weekends were eagerly awaited.

That’s because we can be satisfied traveling in both, Now traveling while on vacation is like guessing. We can only travel to an area when the location is not included in the COVID-19 red zone, But if you stay at home all the time, you must be bored and upset, right?

Especially for the younger generation belonging to millennials and the Social Media Gen who mostly make traveling both a hobby and a daily profession.

These two generations of productive age are known to prioritize sharing experiences rather than just pursuing comfort while traveling.

Not surprisingly, the term backpackers emerged because they don’t have to stay in hotels when traveling, and in fact, not a few choose to stay in hostels and motels as well as residents’ homes/Airbnb (non-hotels).

Well, obviously there are things that must be known and obeyed when traveling in this new normal era. A simple example is that we must comply with health protocols in the locations we visit for the convenience of fellow travelers.

So here are 5 practical tips for traveling in the new normal era. Hopefully, it will be useful for our holiday preparations later.

Is it safe to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The nominal cost of the COVID-19 test is now a top priority when compiling a traveling budget. Make sure we know it from the start so that traveling is safe and comfortable.

After the cost of the COVID-19 test, traveling transportation costs are the next priority. Each type of public transportation (planes, ships, trains, and buses) has its own criteria, including the type of COVID-19 test that we must do before boarding the vehicle.

Next, the allocation of accommodation costs while traveling is the next priority after the COVID-19 test is okay. We can focus on the best accommodations with their most complete facility offerings while continuously monitoring the promo info, isn’t it fun?

Tourist destinations

Before leaving for traveling, make sure that the tourist location we are going to is not a COVID-19 red zone. Don’t let your health become a victim just because you want to go for a walk.

Traveling to 6 tourist attractions that are included in the Super Priority Area according to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy can also be chosen.

The six are Bali, Lake Toba (North Sumatra), Likupang (North Sulawesi), Borobudur (Central Java), Mandalika (West Nusa Tenggara) and Labuan Bajo (East Nusa Tenggara).

The six also have accommodation and transportation facilities that are safe and comfortable because they are proclaimed as the new Bali. The goal, of course, is to increase the number of domestic and foreign tourists who come to Indonesia.

Safe Travel
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latest information on safe travel Accommodation

This is the main factor that really determines our safety and comfort when traveling. That’s why we must really understand the ins and outs of hotels/hostels/motels before choosing one of them as a place to stay.

If we want to know more about the facilities and quality of accommodation in Indonesia, let’s immediately read a number of informative articles on blogs belonging to travel bloggers in Indonesia. We guarantee that we will be curious to try the inns they have reviewed directly.

In this new normal era too, we can still travel calmly while staying at hotels/hostels/motels in Indonesia. This is because they have implemented the health protocols required by the World Health Organization (WHO) such as checking guests’ temperatures, social distancing, reducing the number of fillings per room, and providing masks and hand sanitizers.

As guests, we must also be sensitive to the condition of our bodies and health.

If you feel unwell, immediately report to the staff so that you can be referred to the nearest health facility or hospital for the good of all accommodation residents.

Arrangements for arrival transit Documentation

Traveling on vacation is not complete without a collection of documentation. It’s a shame if a tourist location is Instagramable to the point that there are no memories.

But, we also can’t force ourselves to take photos in a number of tourist destinations that are in the red zone area. Alternatively, we can really stay at an Instagramable inn without having to go out of the inn (staycation), for example, an inn in rural areas with buildings made of bamboo (eco-village).

When enjoying a staycation, make sure that in addition to documentation tools, we also have personal medicines with us. Even if we don’t bring the physical medicine, we have photos of the drugs in our cellphone gallery.

The goal is that when we need it, we can immediately buy it at the nearest pharmacy from our staycation location. Having an umbrella before it rains, including when enjoying traveling on the streets is always worth doing.

Administration of COVID-19 tests

Of course, we have to bring to get a COVID-19 free certificate (self-test) before traveling.

Free COVID-19 tests at Public health centers or other public health facilities according to the quota per region cannot and should not be used as proof of being free of COVID-19 for travel requirements or work permits.

We also need to know the validity period of the COVID-19 test certificate. The majority of these tests are only valid for 1x trip, so before returning to the area of ​​origin, the traveler must re-take the test as a condition for the return trip.

If the current situation is not yet possible for traveling, we should just enjoy a virtual tour at a number of tourist attractions.

Now, while waiting for conducive conditions to return, we can make a list (wishlist) of tourist destinations that can later be visited while still implementing prokes while traveling, Greetings health.

Keep Your Body Healthy

Keep an eye on your body’s health. Before going on vacation, make sure your body is in good health. Do not let the body experience health problems when traveling to tourist attractions. Before leaving for vacation, it would be nice to see the readiness of the body’s condition first. If necessary, take a rapid test or swab independently.

The results of this test can later be taken during the holidays just in case.

Moreover, there are several tourist destinations that require visitors to bring a COVID-19 free letter.

Use a Mask

Always wear a mask wherever you are, especially in public places. Even if you are in good health, you can become a carrier with the status of Asymptomatic Person (OTG).

Masks are used to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Always Bring Hand Soap & Hand Sanitizer

Entering the new normal era, a hygiene kit in the form of hand soap can be a weapon and must be carried everywhere and every day.

The contents of the hygiene kit can be in the form of hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, wet wipes, dry tissue, liquid soap, to spare masks.

Bring Your Own Lunch

Try to always bring your own food and drinks if you want to go on vacation or bring your own food supplies to be safe and healthy. Don’t forget to wash it clean after eating

Bali Traveling or Staycation

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, they often vacationed with family, but when entering the new normal era, it never hurts to try Bali traveling or a staycation. Both can reduce physical contact with other people. You can choose a staycation with your partner or the nuclear family in a hotel or villa. As for Bali traveling will provide its own experience. There’s no harm in trying.

Availability of online registration service

Prioritize tourist attractions that provide online registration services. This service is more time-saving, safe, and convenient.

In addition, prospective visitors will be freer to choose the price of the entrance ticket offered and have the opportunity to get a discount. Usually, the organizers of the place are diligent in giving discounts for customers who pay non-cash or at certain moments.

Provide non-cash transactions

Cash is one of the media for the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Need to minimize the use of cash in transactions, it means you also prevent yourself and your family from being exposed to the virus, right?

To increase vacation comfort, tourist attractions that have cashless payment facilities will certainly increase vacation security. Enough and have quality rest A pleasant vacation must also be accompanied by a tiring trip.

Rest your eyes from gadgets, get enough and quality sleep.

Paying attention,

to some of these tips, it is hoped that your traveling or vacation in the new normal period will run smoothly, comfortably, and safely.

Happy holidays and stay healthy!

Keep Your Distance and Avoid Crowds

Not all regions can implement the new normal in their territory. For that, choose a location or vacation spot that is really ready for the new policy. After choosing a suitable destination, make sure to keep your distance and avoid crowds when you arrive at the location. Because it is away from the crowds, it can also be utilized optimally to explore exotic spots in the destination tourist area. With the many advantages offered when renting a car for companies, renting is a more profitable and efficient option than buying a new car unit. . Moreover, Bali car rental prices are now increasingly competitive and friendly, so companies will be more efficient in spending budgets to meet transportation needs

Currently, a number of airlines have also started to reopen flights to a number of destinations, as well as train and bus transportation services, of course with strict health protocols. However, no matter how strict the health protocols are, it is not impossible that this makes the spread of Covid-19 vulnerable when using these public transportation facilities.

Option to use Private vehicles

are the best alternative in traveling, but you also need to pay attention to the cleanliness and condition of your personal vehicle. In addition to private vehicles, the option of using a car rental/car rental service is also worth considering, but you need to be careful in choosing a trusted car rental and maintaining the cleanliness and condition of the unit that is sterile from the dangers of viruses.

We As a trusted car rental/car rental service company, Vw Tour And Transport Bali is always ready to provide the best service to every customer, in addition to maintaining cleanliness and routinely sterilizing the units used, Vw Tour And Transport Bali provide a wide selection of vehicles, with a choice of duration. Rent a car that can be tailored to your needs, for more information, contact the Vw Tour And Transport Bali solution center at +628113810686, or fill out the rental requirements form on this website (click the rent now button or Vw Tour And Transport Bali), and Vw Tour And Transport Bali marketing will contact you back.

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