Rent Car Kupang

Rent Car Kupang

Rent Car Kupang –  Hello, buddy travel! the holiday period is indeed one of the foremost awaited things, especially if we’ve prepared all kinds of must-visit beautiful and historic places. Indonesian archipelago which has many tourist attractions, it’d be a shame if they could not explore it one by one.

This time we discuss car rental in Kupang, trusted and cheapest. car rental Kupang is one of the only Transportation Rental products in Indonesia, Vw Tour, And Transport Bali. Where Vw Tour and Transport Bali was previously successful in procuring car rentals in Indonesia like car rental in Bali, Lombok Rar Rental, Kupang car rental, and car rental in Kupang. For more information on travel.

What’s in mind about Kupang

Apparently not come just to determine the town of East Lesser Sunda Islands or detailed only! If you’ve involved a listing of plans that we should always visit, do not forget to specify a car rental service in Kupang with us to make it easier.

General information

How to attend Kupang There are two or three flights that attend Bali – Kupang, Jakarta – Kupang, Surabaya – Kupang Airport – Bali each day. Each – each takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

However, travel can also use boats and motorboats which can connect between islands from the Sape Strait in NTB Sumbawa. If the weather within the Sape Strait is indeed possible it’ll be safe to cross a 6-hour crossing the Strait. If Kupang is already well-traveled, travelers can use car rental services in Kupang to urge around more easily and comfortably.

Recommend spot

Travel can visit Lasiana Beach which has clear seawater and has been well managed. To explore and attend these tourist attractions, travel can use our services in car rental in Kupang.

Here is our offer For Rent Car Kupang:

Kupang City Tour / City Car Rental

Avanza / Xenia / Apv

Full-day 12 Jam IDR. 650.000
Half-day 06 Jam IDR. 500.000

Kijang Innova

Full-day 12 Jam IDR. 750.000
Half-day 06 Jam IDR. 500.000

New Innova

Full-day 12 Jam IDR. 850.000
Half-day 06 Jam IDR. 700.000

Kupang Car Rental Overland (Outside the city)

Package 2D/1N

Avanza/Xenia /Apv IDR. 2.300.000
Kijang Innova IDR. 3.000.000

3D / 2N Package

Avanza/Xenia /Apv IDR. 2.500.000
Kijang Innova IDR. 3.500.000

Rent a Micro Bus in Kupang

Elf Short (Max. 10 Pax)

1 Hari/Fullday 12 jam : IDR. 1.150.000
1 Hari/Fullday Overland : IDR. 1.300.000

Elf Long (Max. 17 Pax)

1 Hari/Fullday 12 jam : IDR. 1.300.000
1 Hari/Fullday Overland : IDR. 1.600.000


  • Prices shown within the Kupang car rental above are the costs of car rental per day per unit, including the drive and fuel (gasoline/diesel).
  • Prices can change at any time all of sudden, so please contact customer service at +628113810686 to form sure that the price remains valid.
  • Overland itineraries please be told and discussed since booking. Because the route also greatly affects the additional costs because of road conditions, distance, and duration of the trip.
  • For NTT cross-country trips the overland rental price doesn’t include the worth of meals and accommodation for our driver.
  • Our driver can only drive from 5 am to 10 pm to overland for mutual safety.
  • For cross-Flores trips (for example from Kupang to Soe, Kefa, or Atambua approximately on) the use of a car out of the town in but 5 days will count for quite at some point (for example; the whole use of 4 meals will count for five days). Whereas if quite 5 days don’t wear additional normal alias days.

Transfer in/out only Airport – Hotel

Area Innova APV
City Rp. 100.000 Rp. 75.000
Lasiana Rp. 200.000 Rp. 150.000

How to order

How to book a Rent Car Kupang, you’ll contact Whatsapp Vw Tour and Transport Bali cs and fill out the format book form.

Notice: Car + driver rental price above doesn’t apply during high season.

Types of Transportation in Kupang

Arriving in Kupang. travel can find various kinds of vehicles and public transportation.

Because when he gets there, tourists will need transportation to urge around to enjoy the gorgeous scenery in every corner. Several kinds of transportation are often found such as:

Public Transportation Public

sorts of transportation in Kupang are often found like inter-village public transportation or motorcycle taxi for transportation within the town (but the operation is restricted to 7 pm only).

Sea transportation if you’d wish to travel around the small islands around Kupang there are also various ships and also transportation that’s intended for several tourists. Unlike the case, if you’d wish to follow side a partner, the other transportation is getting to be more suitable.

Online Transportation

Advances in technology are indeed influential within the road of life. Including online transportation which is now increasingly mushrooming. Kupang is now available online transportation like Grab.

So twiddling my thumbs, travela, maybe within subsequent 2 years, online transportation facilities will enter this eastern a neighborhood of Indonesia. While motorcycle rentals in Kupang are subject to a tariff of Rp. 75,000 per day.

Rent a Car / Rent Car

The third option is taken under consideration most appropriate if traveled accompanies an outsized family. This car rental service in Kupang will make it as easy as possible for tourists to urge around without having to be frightened of using what transportation.

Kupang car rental makes it easy for us to bring goods when on vacation. Travela will feel safe and comfy in visiting every tourist spot there.

FAQ Car Rentals in Kupang

Many questions on car rental in Kupang. we’ve summarized this general question of car rental in Kupang and proposals on choosing car rental services in Flores.

How to recommendations on choosing a car rental service in Kupang?

  1. Find a trusted place to rent can believe Google reviews.
  2. look for rental services that provide fixed prices on the online site without hidden prices or make the rental service user confused.
  3. Also, compare the price of a car rental offers with other rental services.
  4. Confirm the vehicle condition

How do I find the right Kupang Rent-A-Car services?

Finding or employing a car rental service in Kupang must see how the service’s reputation is. Is it trusted? Providing services with maximum service or not?

Use google review or other review sites.

Because if the Kupang car rental place is already trusted, actually many consumers are satisfied with the services they provide.

Is rent a car in Kupang expensive?

Indeed rent a car in Kupang is kind of expensive compared to rental cars on the island of Java or Bali. In my opinion maybe because there are still limited tourist transportation units in Kupang.

But now my friend doesn’t need to be confused, because the price within the highest column is that the simplest rental price for a Kupang

Why Rent a Car with Driver + Gasoline?

Travel buddy who wants a perfect vacation without having to confuse the driver’s energy, Vw Tour And Transport Bali answers it. There are Bajuan Kupang car rental packages which can be included with drivers and petrol. The service of renting a car is getting to be calculated in approximately 10 hours.

While the excess time is getting to be calculated with an overtime fee of 10% of the rental price and is calculated hourly. If an accident occurs because of negligence from the drive then it’ll be the responsibility of the Vw Tour And Transport Bali.

Later, this package is simpler because Travela has already paid the worth of car rental, drivers, and also fuel. More efficient and efficient.

Requirements for Overland

    1. Travel who want to undertake the car rental process won’t be charged or free. are often via telephone or filling out forms with valid data. this might facilitate travel buddies in renting a car.
    2. The thanks to buying a car rental service in Kupang are often done when the rental car receipt is in accordance with the agreed date. Full payment is given to the driver who delivered. If you’d wish to rent a devotee with a driver then you’ll pay 50%.
    3. Booking cancellations but 2 × 24 hours will incur a fee of fifty of the price of a Kupang pumpkin car rental per day.
    4. The price of car rental services in Kupang on this Vw Tour And Transport Bali site applies to Indonesian citizens and has an E-KTP. Tenants are required to possess a legitimate SIM A.
    5. Agree on regulations that are provided by Vw Tour And Transport Bali like additional costs if overtime. within the event of an accident that makes the vehicle blister, squeeze then on there will be a fee of 500 thousand rupiahs for insurance claims.

Enjoy a satisfying vacation without the trouble of using car rental services in Kupang.

Prepare the budget the utmost amount as possible, invite large families to determine the sweetness of tourism in Flores, East Lesser Sunda Islands. Have an honest vacation!

You are on the right website, get our greatest offers from car rental and Indonesian tours and other Vw Tour And Transport Bali Indonesia promo prices – Happy holidays and joy, your satisfaction is our happiness.

Get our greatest offers and promo prices Vw Tour And Transport Bali Indonesia – Happy holidays and joy, your satisfaction is our happiness.

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