Things You Can Plan For Your Honeymoon

Just the two of you and in a very personal atmosphere, this is your honeymoon after months of busy preparing for a wedding. This is the moment that you can use to get to know each of your spouses as newlyweds who will enter married life.

Of course you want a honeymoon that will be an unforgettable experience for both of you. Therefore, plan your honeymoon as well as possible so that it not only contains elements of relaxation and personal time, but also cooperation in a joint activity, for example.

Plan an Adventure Activity

You can honeymoon in the pool villa resort, but also plan an activity that you have never done and can increase your collaboration.

For example, cycling in the morning together, diving in the sea, or participating in flying fox activities in the canopy of green trees, for example.

There is romanticism and adrenaline that radiates from both of you. Simply put, in the middle of your honeymoon, the two of you are doing something that is out of comfort and will certainly build your cooperation later.

Joint Spa Activities

Maybe this is one of the activities that have been waiting to relax a tired body. Spa activities with your partner can also be planned.

Choose and look for a spa that is special and not reckless where cleanliness, comfort, and therapists are guaranteed and experienced. Why? So that what you have paid can be enjoyed comfortably together.

Sexy Lingerie

Wear Different Lingerie Every Day

This is just a suggestion, your partner will surely love you without the beautiful lingerie that you will wear differently. But why not?

This is your honeymoon where the private moment is with you. Why not use the honeymoon time to enjoy romantic moments that only you and your partner can enjoy?

Enjoy When Sunset Together

One of the romantic activities of both while on honeymoon is to enjoy the sunset moment together. It is undeniable that these are the most romantic moments when the day turns dim and finally becomes night.

Moments where you both will enjoy a romantic dinner and return to bed. However, this must also be planned if you don’t want the moment of sunset to pass you by.

Order dinner in the room

All day and while you are in your honeymoon city, you can enjoy a variety of foods with different atmosphere and panorama. However, plan to order room service one night and eat together in the room.

You can enjoy each other’s dishes freely without anyone else around you. Maybe you can feed each other after your partner at a wedding feed each other wedding cakes? Why not?

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