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4 Best Thing About Kuta Beach Indonesia

Kuta Beach – Bali has already been referred to as one of the favorite tourist destinations globally. within the previous articles, there are tons of tourism objects discussed, especially natural objects like mountains, lakes, or beaches.

Amongst the beaches, there’s one famous name which isn’t yet discussed; Kuta Beach. nobody doubts this beach’s worldwide reputation because the best beach for holiday.

Most tourists who come to go to Bali must have visited this beach. Having holidayed in Bali without visiting this white sand beach is indeed incomplete. Kuta Beach has been becoming a famous icon of Bali Island.

Before discussing the tractions of this beach, allow us to glance at its history first. At the start, before Kuta Beach was famous as a tourism object, this beach may be a trading port.

Here, the yields of Balinese were sold to the merchants from various origins. within the 19th century, a Danish merchant named Mads Lange came to Bali and built his trading headquarter in Kuta.

It had been the start of the event of this area. then, Hugh Mahbett also wrote a book entitled “Praise to Kuta” disenchanted the local residents.

About their land’s potential and encourage them to anticipate the upcoming tourist “invasion” to Bali. because the time goes by, many tourism facilities were built like hotels, restaurants, and so on.

Kuta Beach Attractions

Bali Indonesia Kuta beach – The fact the stunning panorama is enchanted by the sparkling clear white sand. This area is found on the side of Bali Island, so it’s an ideal area for observing the sunset.

Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach

Within the morning, Kuta Beach is visited by tourists checking out fresh air or doing jogging. within the daytime, the tourists usually gather around the beach to enjoy the panorama while bathing under the nice and cozy tropic sun.

Surfing at Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia their time trying to ride on the challenging waves of Kuta Beach. If you’re curious about trying this sport, you ought to haven’t any worries because there are tons of surfboard rentals and surfing courses that may assist you to learn the techniques of surfing in no time.

By spending around 50 thousand – 150 thousand IDR per hour, you’ll have both services. Under the guidance of the trainer, you’ll only need around half-hour for having the ability to squirm on your surfboard, or at the very least get up steadily on your surfboard.

Within the afternoon,

a bit like mentioned earlier, the tourists will flock to the beach to attend for the sunset to return. The tourists can enjoy sunset not only from the beach or shore, but they can also within the hay while having a meal in the restaurants or observing from their bedroom.

This crowd doesn’t stop there because in the dark the atmosphere is going to be merrier since the tourists will flock to interesting places around the beach like café, restaurants, clubs, and so on. we will always see that this town never falls asleep.

The beach’s waves and current is comparatively not dangerous, the security of the tourists should be kept. Hence, Kuta Beach is guarded by a minimum of 40 coast guards.

These men in red and yellow have a requirement to observe over the risky areas around the beach. With complete equipment, three jet skis, and 6 boats, they’re always able to help and rescue if something wrong happens.

As the center of Bali’s tourism, Kuta indeed has complete facilities. you’ll easily find various hotels, inns, department shops, pubs, spas, and lots more.

Shopping activities, it’s not only limited to fashionable and updated items. you’ll always find Balinese typical souvenirs which are sold in almost every corner of this region.

Same with the food. you’ll find international culinary until the tasty and unique local taste.

In the long season

The percentage of the hotels during this area can reach 90 until one hundred pc. the days are Juli-Agustus (full of domestic, Australian, Eropa tourists); end of November – middle of January (Indonesia & Australia); March – April (Russia & Japan).

If you would like to remain around the Kuta area within those seasons, you’ll get to book an area for an extended time!

From Ngurah Rai International Airport, Kuta Beach is often accessed in approximately 10 – quarter-hour. there’s no entrance ticket for visiting this beach.

However, no big public transportation vehicles are allowed to pass the nearby areas. So, if you would like to travel here, you’ll use a taxi, carpool, personal vehicle, or if your hotel is sort of near, you’ll go there on foot.

If you would like to travel around without a taxi, you’ll also rent personal vehicles like bikes/scooters, cars, for bicycles.


Why is Kuta Beach popular? This beach on Bali’s southwestern coastline is just one of the absolute most prominent retreat regions in Bali. It is much more identified amongst worldwide website visitors compared to the isle on its own – because of its own integrated functions of sunlight, browse, and sand.

Can you swim in Kuta Beach? Yes, I always stay in Kuta and enjoy the beach. but agree with everyone there are far more beautiful cleaner beaches in Bali. From time to time you’ll see trash in the water when swimming. No joke a few trips ago there was a dead cow in the surf. ( It was a mystery how it got there.)

Is Kuta Beach Open? Yes, Bali officials have implemented a new visitor policy at Kuta Beach by only allowing a certain number of visitors each day.An official from Kuta Village, I Wayan Wasista confirmed that authorities have set a limit for visitors on Kuta Beach by utilizing the PeduliLindungi tracing app at all the entrance points as of Sunday (26/9). “We have begun to install a QR code at all of the entrances of Kuta Beach, so from now on Kuta is allowing a maximum of 8,000 visitors per day in accordance with the government’s instruction

Is Kuta worth visiting? Yes, First of all, Kuta is close to the airport, and as a beach experience, Kuta Bali has everything you might want to see and do.

What beach hotels in Kuta have nice views? The Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel Bali – Managed by Accor

Which beach hotels in Kuta are good for couples? Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort is amongst the best places to stay for honeymoon near Kuta Beach

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