General information about Indonesia

  • Indonesian stretches a distance of  5,150 km from east to west – equal in breadth to the distance from Seattle to the Bahamas.
  • The total population is approximately 234 million, making Indonesia the fourth most populous nation in the world.
  • Indonesia encompasses 17,508 islands, 6,000 of which are inhabited
  • The five main religions of the country are Islam (86.1%), Protestant (5.7%) Roman Catholic (3%), Hindu (1.8%), and other beliefs (3.4%).
  • About 583 languages and dialects are spoken in the archipelago. Bahasa Indonesia is the national language.
  • Indonesia established a strong centralized system of government following independence in 1945. Beginning in 1999, a nationwide system of decentralization was introduced giving more power to individual provinces in planning and development areas.
 Just one of Indonesia’s 17,508 islands.
Map Indonesia
 The Republic of Indonesia: 1,9 million km2 in area, 1.82 million km of landmass, and 93,000 km2 of water.

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Budha Statue Borobudur Temple 3.Jpg
A sitting Buddha at the magnificent Borobudur Temple near Yogyakarta, Central Java. Streetside vendors are ubiquitous.
A secluded beach of West Manggarai.Friends you may encounter while snorkeling in West Manggarai.

one of the world’s most diversified countries
Indonesia is a very huge country with different cultural and historical influences.

The climate of the country is basically tropical, but with numerous microclimates found across the entire archipelago.

offers so much to visitors:

  • Culture
  • Adventure and outdoor activities, including river rafting, hiking, trekking, and climbing
  • Diving and snorkelling.
  • Surfing

Indonesia’s friendly people offer fun-filled holidays to:

  • Individual travellers
  • Customized tailored trips
  • Backpackers
  • Family friendly holidays
  • Group travel

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