Komodo Island

Komodo dragon

Komodo Dragon lives in Flores “Komodo Island” Or Rinca island part of Labuan Bajo beyond the tale.

They may not have a set of broad wings to wander in the huge sky or breathe fire. Instead, they creep on the crisp land with their large, scaly body, as well as armored with razor-sharp teeth and also poisonous saliva.

They are famous by the name “Ora”, which implies “land crocodile”, amongst the citizens. As well as yes, though they can not fly, these giant monsters are gifted with swimming prowess.

Growing to 8 – 10 feet (3 meters) in length, seeing this huge lizard is truly one kind of experience. Seeing them resting lazily imaginable is sufficient to make your heart defeated ten times faster, however, if you are fortunate, you may see them feed upon deer or hog in the early morning.

Staying on Komodo island, Rinca, and also Padar, this scary dragon uses a breathtaking trip that requires a well-grounded guide from rangers to maintain your risk-free.

A Komodo island excursion can use up into the trip, as the Komodo National forest itself contains the main island of Komodo, Rinca, and Padar. Komodo island trip price itself can vary depending on the plans you take, however, each deals a pleasing experience.

Being one of the New Seven Wonder of Nature

as well as Indonesia’s nationwide animal, the Komodo dragon is what makes Flores gain its initial popularity.

They also state that you’ve never ever really arrived on Flores until you see these endangered species by your very own eyes, so a trip to Komodo Island actually is a must for every single tourist’s bucket checklist.

Take a Komodo Island trip to the only area in the world where you can see Komodo dragons in the wild.

Think of swimming with large mantas and turtles, diving in among the globe’s most renowned dive sites, hiking up to the island’s summit to see awesome daybreaks,

checking out savannah and searching for the largest reptile in the world, on pink sand beaches and also loosening up in crystal-clear waters, or detecting whales off the coastline.

Traveling through the Komodo National Park with our brand-new Komodo liveaboard is a special and also remarkable journey!

The Hello there Flores group will make your trip the very best Flores excursion plan you can have! All you have to do is load your bags and also jump on board, the experience is calling!

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