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Things to Know about Hiring a Bali Driver Service for More Fun Vacation

Hire Bali Driver Service – Why should you Bali driver hire service? While Bali is one of the most stunning and unique tourist destinations in Asia and even in the world, your vacation can be chaotic without hiring a good driver.

It is possible to drive your own car or rent a car without a driver. But sure, it means you must know Bali well along with the destinations you want to visit.

Yes, getting lost is sometimes challenging. However, if your holiday time is limited, of course, it is really not a good experience.

Uluwatu Temple | Hire Bali Driver Service - Tips And Benefit
Hire Bali Driver Service – Tips And Benefit

Hire a Driver in Bali

First – Private Driver in Bali

Particularly if you are not a local tourist, hiring a Bali driver can give you some benefits. What are they? First, a professional driver must have many experiences in driving and taking tourists to Bali attractions.

They are commonly hired by travel agencies and car rentals to customers. Most drivers in Bali are local people or comers who have been living on the island for many years.

This way, they know well the details of Bali along with alternative roads to reach the destinations. Their professionalism is also proven by the driver’s license and others. Sure, before being drivers, those people also have passed some competency tests.


Bali car service – The driver helps you come to the destination on time. Even if the itinerary is made by yourself or your group, it is suggested to discuss it with the driver.

The driver can give you a suggestion of what place to visit first and what the next. This way, you can save time on the road as well as avoid being lost.

Of course, you can enjoy more time in the attraction before going to the next place.


security is more guaranteed. Generally, Bali is a safe place but anything can happen when you are not aware. Therefore, if someone who knows Bali accompanies you, it is just much better.

Particularly if you must spend the night on the road, your group must not want to be alone, mustn’t you?


A driver mostly also works as a tour guide. Aside from giving you a safe ride from one destination to another, he also guides you and provides the information you need related to the place you visit.

Let’s say there is the Tampaksiring Palace in your itinerary. Well, if you love history so much, you must want to know the story behind the establishment of the palace.

It sounds interesting also to hear how the first president of Indonesia spent his day there.

Lastly, sure, you will not feel tired from driving. Especially if you are the one who always drives in your family or group of friends, this idea is also a chance for you to take a rest for a while.

You can simply sleep on the way or do other things without concentrating on driving. In other words, this holiday in Bali is really a holiday for you.

Tips to Choose a Good and Experienced Bali Car Rental

Okay, you know that hiring a Bali driver is a very important thing for your own safety and comfort when doing the vacation. The problem is, getting a good and experienced driver may not be as easy as it seems.

There are cases where clients or customers are not satisfied enough with the service given.

For the worse, the driver is a member of scammers who have a bad intention for you. It sounds scary but this case just happened several times.

So, the best thing to do is making sure that the driver you hire is really professional.  How is it? You can follow some tips below.

Hire Bali Drive | Woman Driving Car On Freeway
Photo by Peter Fazekas on Pexels.com

First, Hire Bali Driver Service

It is important to go to a trusted or reputable tour agency or car rental. Rather than looking for a driver that works personally, it is recommended to choose one that works in an agency.

Sure, the agency must have a good reputation also. You can ask whether the agency has professional drivers to accompany you or not.

You can also ask about the driver’s background and experience. For example, how many drivers work in the company and the like.

Second, bali driver service tour program

You should discuss your itinerary with the driver. If you are conducting a vacation by joining a tour agency, it is not really important. You only need to follow activities and the itinerary that have been provided by the agency or company.

But if you just conduct and manage it by yourself, it means you must prepare the itinerary long before the D-day. Then, after finding the driver, you must discuss the itinerary with him. Make sure to ask some points like how many hours to arrive at the location from the hotel and if it is possible to be in a location only in some particular hours. Sure, you must listen to the driver’s opinion as a more experienced person.

Third, connect with random drivers

Also, discuss certain regulations and traditions in the locations or attractions. Bali is very popular for its traditions and cultures. Therefore, you should not be surprised if there must be certain instructions and prohibitions in some areas. Sometimes, the instructions are illogical but it is definitely not your right to protest something. Therefore, rather than violating the rules just because you don’t know well about them, it is wiser to talk to and discuss them with the driver. It just makes you more careful in the location.

How much you must pay taxi in bali

This is probably one of the most important things related to hiring a driver in Bali. How much do you must spend anyway? It depends on many factors. But commonly, the fare is calculated from the hours you hire the driver. Let’s say you hire the driver and rent the car at once. For a small-sized car with 4 seats, it is approximately IDR600 000 per day. Meanwhile, for a medium-sized or an SUV car, it is about IDR800,000.

Hire Bali Driver
Photo by Alexander Mils on Pexels.com

The price can be changed depending on the geographic condition or the terrain the car passes through. Although generally, Bali already has good and smooth roads, you probably must be through steep terrain to reach the intended location. This is how to hire a Bali driver anyway.

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