What vaccinations do I need for Indonesia?

Dr. Thomas Ly:  The classic basic vaccinations  (usually received in childhood) should be given and tetanus should not be older than 9 years.
In addition, you can also get vaccinated against many diseases, but whether it makes sense has to be decided individually as a traveler. This depends, among other things, on individual behavior,   local activities, risk factors such as previous illnesses, as well as the region and season.
Seasonal influenza vaccination also has to bear in mind that there are different vaccines for the northern and southern hemispheres. In addition to the basic vaccination protection I just mentioned, I always treat myself to a  typhoid vaccination  (every 3 years). Otherwise, you should protect against hepatitis  A & B  have. All in all, the basic prophylaxis for long-distance travelers is the same as that recommended for everyone else.

What should I watch out for during Ramadan in Indonesia?

The time about Ramadan never really bothered me – on the contrary – it’s also very interesting. In some areas, restaurants are closed, and large parades take place at the end of Lent (the actual festival Idul Fitri). This could be “problematic” if you have to get from A to B urgently. So you should explore when “Idul Fitri” is. Otherwise, it is of course also an interesting travel experience if you get in the middle of the parades.

Do you need an international driver’s license for Indonesia, even if you have a European (German) one?

The German driving license is unfortunately only valid in Europe. For Indonesia, you should definitely apply for an international driver’s license! You can easily have it issued at your district office or in the city. You should have it with you because you usually have to show it when you rent a scooter and anyway, whenever the police check on you (which they like to do with tourists). If you don’t have a driver’s license? No risk, no fun! You won’t get poor, even without an international driver’s license, if you should stop.

How can I stay in Indonesia for 3 months?

1. You could, for example, enter with a tourist visa and extend it after 30 days. Then after 60 days a little trip out of the country and enter again with a tourist visa.
2. You could apply for a 60-day visa abroad (e.g. Germany) and then extend the visa by 30 days in Indonesia.
3. You could apply for a social visa in advance.

Is August a good time to visit Bali?

August is definitely a good time to go to Indonesia. The rainy season has not started yet and it shouldn’t be as hot as usual. However, some places (especially Bali) could be a bit crowded because it is the main travel season.

When is the best time to surf Bali? Where should I start when I first come to Indonesia or Bali. 

Unfortunately, it still rains a lot in January. At least that’s how it was when I was there. Of the 4 weeks in January, there were 2 weeks of continuous rain and no waves (but super dirty water too). In February it will slowly get better. Because of climate change, the weather in Bali is of course changing, which is why I cannot give you a 100% guarantee, but I would definitely advise against January and maybe also from the first half of February. In the rainy season, only the spots on the east coast are doing well. Or then further north of Seminyak is Canggu. The Batu Bolong spot is quite good for beginners / slightly advanced, especially if you are surfing your first green waves. And it should also run in the rainy season. The east coast spots on the Bukit (especially GreenBalls) or Keramas (further north) are not recommended for your level, because there are nasty currents (especially at the time of year) and shallow waters. So Batu Bolong is probably the best tip for you. That’s where I always felt best. 
In terms of money, I would definitely budget around 1000 euros. But of course, that depends on your lifestyle. You can eat for 1-2 euros per the main course if you eat Indonesian. You can usually stay overnight for less than 10 euros per night. Otherwise, it depends on whether you want to dive or surf, how to get around, and whether you will be in Bali a lot because of course, it is more expensive. And it is also good to have a little extra money with you than not enough.

Do I need a return flight ticket when entering Indonesia?

In principle yes! The Indonesian airport employees check this very, very rarely. But if you want to be on the safe side, just book a cheap Air Asia ticket from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur. That costs around 30 euros.

I would like to work in Indonesia. How do I find a job in Indonesia?

It’s hard to find a good job. You can find something in tourism, but a correct permit is only possible for key positions. Check out the relevant adverts where large corporations offer jobs. I know enough foreigners who have good positions in Bali. Often cooks (chef, sous chef), restaurant manager, front office, agency manager. Bahasa Indonesia should then be more or less available. The “easiest” is of course to take over a cafe, restaurant or diving school. Only you then really need money to pay the annual rent in advance and pay your residence and work permits – these permits alone cost around US $ 1,000 for a year. It’s just like, “nothing going on without money”. There are also some jobs for foreigners in the diving industry,

Can I rent a scooter in one place in Indonesia and drop it off in another place?

Pooh … difficult. You would have to chat individually with roller stations and make a deal. For a few rupiahs, some rentals might get involved. If you swing a few rupiahs, maybe someone would drive the scooter from B to A again (staff at the rental station).
For Flores: Unfortunately, I didn’t find anyone back then who would have picked up the scooter somewhere. But you can go there on the south road and back on the north road. In the meantime, the north road should be well developed. But better ask again how the conditions on the north road are.

Would you book the hotel for Indonesia from Germany or on site?

You also don’t need to book hotels in advance as there are enough guest houses in the tourist areas. They don’t cost more on site. Some homestays have no internet presence anyway.

What do you say about malaria in Indonesia?

So malaria is really a somewhat difficult topic. I have NEVER taken malaria prophylaxis because I don’t want to constantly bombard my body with the side effects. So far I’ve rarely heard of malaria. But yes, of course, there are Bali is harmless. There are very few malaria cases there. Lombok rather. Java too. Unfortunately, I think you have to reconcile this with your own conscience. 

What type of visa is best for a trip to Indonesia?

Of course it depends on how long you want to stay. I always take the 60 day tourist visa. I can only recommend it. Once you can extend it for another 30 days on site!

What about contact lenses?

It’s not a problem in Bali. Take enough liquid with you or daily lenses (especially if you are diving or surfing it is very advisable). On site you can buy contact lenses and liquid from the optician in Kuta.

I want to apply for the Social Visa, but I don’t have an address in Indonesia yet. What should I specify in the application?

If you are doing an internship, semester abroad or anything else in Indonesia, please give the address of the institution where you will be working. Or that of a hostel, homestay etc., where you plan to rent at the beginning. If you are rented somewhere, your landlord will make a copy of your passport anyway and register with some authority (I believe the police) so that they know that you live there if something should happen.

I want to apply for a social culture visa and an acquaintance in Indonesia also wants to be my sponsor. Are there samples or templates for the invitation letter / sponsor letter?

Templates for invitation letters can be found here:  http://www.sampleinvitationletter.info/ . Although this is data for the USA, it also applies to Indonesia. You also need a scanned copy of your sponsor’s passport.

I have relatives in Indonesia. Could someone from my family be my sponsor?

A family member can be a sponsor for you as long as they live in Indonesia. He then has to confirm that your stay is a family visit. On the visa application, you can then specify ‘family visit’ as the reason for your stay and also the address of your family as the residence address.

I would like to stay in Indonesia with a social visa for 6 months to do an internship/semester abroad. But it says everywhere that you can only stay 60 days and need a return flight. But my internship takes longer. Can’t I book a later flight first?

The visa is initially only valid for the 60 days, after which you can have it extended by one month each month. Up to 6 months. It is best to enter only 60 days as the length of stay in the form and to buy a cheap ticket with Air Asia to Singapore or KL within the 60 days. You can then send the ticket along for the visa application (instead of your actual return ticket 6 months later) and then simply expire.

Can I leave with a social visa and enter again with the same visa?

No, unfortunately not! The social visa is a ‘single entry visa’, which expires as soon as you leave the country, even if the visa was still valid. So you would have to get a new visa before you return or with the Visa-on-arrival. The easiest way is to get a new social visa in Singapore with the help of an agent.

I plan to backpack from Bali to Jakarta from late January to late February. Do you think the weather is very difficult for sightseeing and more?

So I remember January in Bali as very, very rainy. From the 4 weeks, there was heavy continuous rain for 2 weeks. Do you have the possibility to postpone your trip for maybe 1 or 2 weeks? It usually looks a little better in February.
Because of sightseeing, it depends on what you want to do. If you can rather stay indoors and want to be on the road with buses and not with a scooter, that’s fine, but it is also not pleasant in constant rain. But you have to be prepared for the fact that the streets are sometimes flooded and things like volcanic climbs are too dangerous due to mudslides. Of course, I cannot give you a guarantee for the weather, because climate change is also changing in Indonesia. Sometimes it only rains for a few hours, sometimes all day. Sometimes the rainy season starts earlier, sometimes later.

Are there any electronic devices such as B. the GoPro Cam in Bali cheaper than ours?

No, unfortunately not. Bali is very touristy but also rural, which means that electronic devices are not available in large quantities and something like the GoPro is not cheaper either. Better find a good offer in Europe or Germany.

Do we need to cover our shoulders or exposed skin at Lempuyang Temple?

Yes, shoulders and legs should be covered… but don’t worry! Wear what you like as we will provide sarongs for you. 

Is lunch included in our tour? 

Yes, lunch is included on all full day tours

Are there vegetarian, halal etc. options?

For sure! We will always do our best to accommodate any dietary requests. Just let us know in advance so we can try and sort this for you.

Will our tour be private or will I be in a group? 

All of our tours are private as we believe this will give you the best experience. So you’ll have your own personal driver and tour guide for the day! 

How long is the boat from Bali to Nusa Penida?

Approximately 45 minutes. 

Do I need to pay for any entrance fees or anything else on my tour? 

No. All of our tours are all-inclusive so everything you see on the itinerary will be included. However, you may want to bring some cash to buy some personal items or souvenirs if you wish. 

Can we customize our tour a bit?

Yes of course! This is one of the reasons we run private tours, so you have freedom and flexibility. Just let us know what you would like to do and we’ll do our best to make it work! 

Do you offer hotel pickup? 

Yes, all of our tours include free hotel/villa pickup as long as you are in the main areas of Bali, including Central Ubud, Uluwatu, Seminyak, Canggu, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, and Denpasar. If you’re outside of these areas. Just let us know and we’ll see how we can make it work!

Is your question not included? Then contact us or the team from Tourism Indonesia