Besakih Temple | Besakih

Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple is the biggest Hindu temple in Bali which the local people call Pura Besakih.

It owns a beautiful view from the top of the temple area where we can see the wide nature panorama

until to the ocean so that way this temple is many visited by tourists from all over the world.

Besakih Temple | Besakih

Besakih Temple is located in the Besakih countryside, Rendang sub-district, Karangasem regency,

the east part of the island.

It is located on the southwest side bevel of mount Agung, the biggest mount in Bali.

It is because pursuant to Agung Mount confidence is the holiest and highest mount in Bali Island.

Temple Besakih In Mythology

The Besakih’s name has come from the word of Basuki, the old language from Sanskrit Wasuki,

and then it becomes the Ancient Java Language. In this Sanskrit, the Basuki means congratulation.

The mythology of Samudramanthana has mentioned that Basuki is a dragon

that twines Mount Mandara. The omission has come from traditional megalithic which had been indicated that it had to be a sanctified place.

It seems the Besakih is coming from a very old era which is far before the existence of Hinduism influence,

Hereinafter, an Ancient Bali king of Sri Kesari Warmadewa found the Merajan Selonding Temple in this temple complex area.

He also commands to build of the Blanjong Monument that is located in Sanur Village,

The Besakih Temple complex is built pursuant to cosmos balance.

It is based on the nature conception which is disseminating the fundamental temple complex

that is arranged to pursuant of the way direction, So, this building can deputize nature as symbolic

of the world’s balance of existence.

Besakih In Hindu’s Philosophy

As we familiarize, that the point direction way like East, South, West, North, and middle as the center point and each direction is named by Mandala.

In Hindu philosophy, Panca Dewata is a manifestation of the Siwa God.

Like Penataran Agung Temple as the center, we find in its courtyard conception show the solidarity conception between the original Indonesia culture

namely tradition megalithic in form of Punden Berundak-undak with the Hinduism concept.

The ancient omissions which are existing in the Besakih Temple complex can be classified into

2 types are omissions pertained to megalithic tradition and the classic era.

Besakih Temple beside the altar for Hindu people in Bali is also a tourist destination that is a lot of visited by tourists.

A place to Visit in Bali

Besakih Temple is located in the plateau area which is covered by the cool atmosphere and Mount Agung as a backdrop.

From the top of the temple building, we can see the beautiful panorama of nature from the temple area to the ocean.

It is situated in a cool area with a light breeze and unique temple buildings spread out in the temple complex will create a peaceful atmosphere.

It is ideally for the people who did the meditation and now, the Besakih Temple is opened for tourists and it is a great place to visit in Bali.

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