Bali Vacation Transportation Options

Explore Bali comfortably using this transportation option
For those of you who have never or rarely vacationed in Bali, transportation problems in Bali might be one of the questions. In fact, there are actually several transportation options that you can take advantage of while on vacation in Bali: rent a motorbike, rent a car in Bali, or even join a Bali tour package that will take you to various tourist attractions.

Each choice has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is best for you also depends on your needs and personality as a traveler.
Vw Tour And Transport Bali will help you to determine the best vacation transportation in Bali for you. Whether it’s renting a motorbike in Bali, renting a car in Bali, or joining a Bali tour package.
Tourist attractions in Bali are scattered in many areas
Holidays in Bali are fun. It’s no secret that Bali has lots of super cool tourist attractions, from family-friendly to Instagramable ones. From super cool beaches with the turquoise sea to savanna with incredible views.

But tourist attractions in Bali are located in many places that can be far from each other. The distance can be hours, some even have to be reached by fast boat like Nusa Penida! So, so that you can explore Bali to the fullest, preparing holiday transportation in Bali is also very crucial when planning a vacation.

You can just stay in one area and only explore that area on foot, for example, if you stay in a hip area and full of interesting places like Kuta or Seminyak. But what’s not to lose if you’ve traveled far away to Bali but haven’t explored this beautiful vacation In Bali island?

Option 1: Rent a car in Bali

The travel time by car can be very long. Can get tired if the travel time is long and the distance is long.
The first choice that Vw Tour And Transport Bali highly recommends is to rent a car in Bali off the keys, aka drive yourself! Car rental in Bali for holidays is highly recommended because you will be completely free to go anywhere without limits, as long as it is still in the area of ​​Bali Island and returned on time.

So, you don’t need to be afraid of additional costs because you want to visit tourist attractions in Bali which are quite far from the tourist areas in South Bali, such as in East Bali or North Bali, because you only need gasoline to go there.
Car rental in Bali is also the best option that you can choose if you want to vacation in Bali with your partner, family, or with a group of friends.
You can book a car rental in Bali off this key via Vw Tour And Transport Bali, so you can immediately make various choices, starting from IDR 100,000 per 24 hours.

Suitable for: Couples, families or groups
Pros: Comfortable, protected from heat and rain, free to go wherever you want
Weaknesses: During peak season, parts of Bali can be very congested.

Rent a car in Bali / Car Rental in Bali + Private Driver/ Bali Tour Packages

Option 2: Car Rental in Bali + Private Driver

Travel time by car can be very long
Renting a car with a driver while in Bali can also be a good choice if you want to explore areas that are some distance from the city or want to get recommendations for tourist attractions in Bali that are still rarely known to people.

Moreover, if you vacation in Bali during the peak season or the holiday season, many areas in Bali will be jammed. Instead of getting tired on the road from driving in a traffic jam, it is better to delegate the task to a private driver who is ready to take you anywhere. Yes, right?
If you order a car rental in Bali through Vw Tour And Transport Bali, a car with a large capacity is also available. You can choose to rent a car with a large size in Bali, which can accommodate many people – even up to 9-10 people.
Tips for Vw Tour And Transport Bali: Apart from renting a car for holidays in Bali, Vw Tour And Transport Bali also provides private transportation to pick you up at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport to take you to the hotel. Click here to order.

Car Rental in Vw Tour And Transport Bali is Safer with Health & Hygiene Protocols
No need to worry about ordering a car rental at Vw Tour And Transport Bali.

Following the health protocol during the adaptation period of new habits, Vw Tour And Transport Bali merchants have implemented improved health and hygiene protocols in cars that can be rented at Vw Tour And Transport Bali.

The following is a list of health and hygiene protocols that apply to all car Bali rental products at Vw Tour And Transport Bali, including car rental out of town. We apply all these health and hygiene protocols to maintain the comfort and safety of all Vw Tour And Transport Bali customers!
Improved Health and Hygiene Protocols in Car Rental Products at Vw Tour And Transport Bali

  1. All cars rented through Vw Tour And Transport Bali are always cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant before and after dropping off the customer
  2. There is a hand sanitizer in the car, which the customer can use during the trip
  3. The driver will wear a mask along the way to take the customer
    The hope is that you will always feel safe and comfortable during your trip using the car you rent at Vw Tour And Transport Bali. So, you can walk around in peace!

Suitable for: Couples, families, or groups
Pros: Comfortable, avoids heat and rain, includes driver services so you don’t need to be tired of driving
Weaknesses: During peak season, parts of Bali can be very congested.

Option 3: Rent a motorbike in Bali

Less comfortable, affected by heat and rain, can get tired on the road if you travel long distances
Motorbike rental in Bali is arguably the most popular transportation option for young tourists, especially foreign tourists. It’s not strange that in Bali, you can see foreigners riding motorbikes here and there, it’s not uncommon for someone to bring a surfboard with you!
Renting a motorbike in Bali is indeed much cheaper than renting a car, so it’s no wonder that this Bali transportation is very popular, especially among young tourists or backpackers.

Apart from being able to save on vacation expenses in Bali, motorbikes are also very flexible vehicles that can be carried everywhere and can maneuver when the roads in Bali are a bit congested.
Rent a motorbike in Bali can be very cheap – you can even order it for as little as IDR 50,000 at Vw Tour And Transport Bali! You can also rent it for 24 hours straight and can take it anywhere as long as it is returned on time. You can also request that the motorbike be delivered and picked up to the hotel or airport, as needed.

However, there are a few things you need to remember if you want to rent a motorbike in Bali. First, the roads in Bali can be hilly like for example in the Uluwatu area, which means you have to be more careful. Second, the name is a motorbike, it must be very affected by the rain and heat during the trip. So you have to be ready to face everything if you want to explore Bali by motorbike.
And third, if you want to go to a destination that is quite far away, it is very possible that you will feel tired on the road. So you need to be careful and extra vigilant too, huh!

Suitable for: Solo travelers, couples
Pros: Cheap, super flexible, free from traffic jams during the peak season

Option 4: Join a Tour Package in Bali

Less flexible because the tour package already has a clear itinerary
For travelers who are very anti-hassle, joining a vacation tour package in Bali might be one of their considerations. The reason is, the tour package has indeed been set in such a way that a traveler can visit one or several destinations without having to be associated with various things.
For example, with a tour package to Nusa Penida, you don’t need to think about how to go to Sanur Harbor, think about fast boat tickets to Nusa Penida from Sanur, think about renting a motorbike or car in Nusa Penida, to the question of how to go to Kelingking Beach or Broken. Beach. Everything has been arranged by the tour manager, you just have to come.

Besides being suitable for anti-hassle travelers, tour packages in Bali are also suitable for solo travelers, especially for going to destinations or doing activities that require large fees. For example, you are interested in diving in Bali. Instead of renting your own boat at a price of up to millions, joining a diving tour package in Bali will certainly be much cheaper, right?

But indeed, the disadvantage of joining a tour package is that your trip is less flexible because most tour packages already have a fixed itinerary or travel plan. But if that’s not a problem for you, tour packages are an interesting choice to take!

Suitable for: Solo traveler, group
Pros: Affordable price, comfortable, not at all complicated

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