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Bali Swings: Guide to the Best Swings in Bali

Bali swing became the most popular attraction in Bali since a lot of pictures being taken and upload on Instagram and famous.

Were invented, Here is your best guide to swings in Bali complete with location and entry fees.
Swings are around forever, but in Bali they need to be gone to an entirely new level,

turning into a huge Instagram craze. Who would have thought that a few ropes tied between some coconut trees might be such a lot of fun?

Real Bali Swing

Bali Swing
Real Swing In Bali

The most popular swing park is Real Bali Swing, located 15 km from Ubud. they need 15 different single swings to undertake.

alongside three tandem swings so you’ll be scared witless alongside your beloved.

There also are 4 large stones to pose on (yes, posing on stones may be a thing). They even have 6 nests to pose in.

And yes, posing in nests may be a thing too, they’re quite artistic, made up of branches and fauna

but mostly have a lined interior for comfort.

Bali Swing operates a free shuttle operating from Ubud, but confirm the entry fee you’re paying is confirmed upfront. They also sell package tours which include other activities like rafting, elephant rides and chasing waterfalls,

but these tend to be quite expensive compared to hiring your own driver and making your own custom itinerary.

The Real Bali Swing is included in my  Ubud Tour.

Entrance Fee: Rp 400,000

Location: Jl. Dewi Saraswati No.7, Bongkasa Pertiwi, Abiansemal

Opening Hours: Mo-Su 08:00-17:00

Tegalalang Rice Terrace Swings

Probably the foremost easily recognizable stand-alone Bali swings are those at Tegalalang Rice Terraces.

Tegalalang has been a really popular tourist destination for several years,

because of its terraced rice fields spread throughout a valley 9 km north of Ubud and 40 km from Seminyak.

Swing In Rice Terace Tegalalang

A few steps down from the roadside at Tegalalang village is the most accessible swing. It’s pretty easy to seek out.

As you enter Tegalalang village with the souvenir shops on the left and therefore the cafes on the downward side of the valley is that the first swing even as you see rice terraces inherit view.

At the time of writing the value of swinging across the valley was IDR250,000 (around USD$25).

Prices for the swings are pretty dynamic because the competition heats up with more and more swings

being rapidly created to satisfy the high demand.

Across the far side of the valley are two more swings with a really different experience,

as they’re situated over a way steeper a part of the valley, making for a few quite dramatic

photos to feed the Instagram account.

The hike is worthwhile though, because the view from the far side of the terraces is magnificent.

it had been only a couple of months ago before the swings were constructed that hiking

through the rice terraces was the most attractive at Tegalalang.

You get strapped into a harness before swinging out across the valley and make certain

to not underestimate the heights you reach — the local guides are often pretty enthusiastic with the energy during which they propel you out for max fear fun.

Entrance fee: IDR250,000

Location: Jl. Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8am-5pm

Terrace River Pool Swing

Before going to the swings at Tegalalang Rice Terraces, there’s another operator called Terrace River Pool Swings.

It’s easy to urge confused between the 2 , but the guide map during this post clearly shows the situation of all the swing parks during this guide.

This swing park is becoming a more fashionable variety of swings of varying heights, plus couples swings (from IDR300,000) and nests to urge your Instagram-worthy holiday photos.

Entry fees: From IDR150,000

Location: Jalan Raya Tegallalang, Gianyar

Open hours: Mon-Sun 9am-6pm

Wanagiri Hidden Hills Swings

As Bali swings became incredibly popular, the locals at Wanagiri Hidden Hills decided to urge in on the action too, with several swings, nests and overlooks being built with a stunningly beautiful view across Lake Danau Buyan.

You can’t miss the platforms made up of bamboo and therefore the often very artistic swings along the left-hand side of most road that comes from Bedugul.

There’s a good little bit of competition among the locals to lure you into their swings and platforms, but you want to admire their ability to adapt to a quickly evolving tourism trend and make the swings, nests and platforms that clearly attract tourists and supply an income for the enterprising locals.

Best Of Temple In The Lake – Ulun Danu Baratan
Wanagiri Hiden Hils Swing

My advice is to seem for a close up the most road with an enormous sign saying “1 km this way”.

This results in the most important park within the Wanagiri Hidden Hills area with several swings (including the most important within the area), nests, platforms and zip-lines.

Pricing is variable, usually posing for 150,000 IDR per swing or viewpoint, although this will be negotiated lower. I managed to urge three activities for just IDR50,000.

Entry fee: From IDR50,000 (varies from place to place)

Location: Jalan Munduk – Wanagiri, Sukasada Kabupaten Buleleng

Open hours: Mon-Sun 9am-5pm (variable)

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A note of caution Bali Swing

Bali has many adventurous activities but they’re not always safe. The craze for Instagram photos of swinging out over a valley ahead of a rice terrace vista has grown dramatically, and alongside this growth, many private operators have constructed swings without proper regard for visitor safety.

In July 2018 a French tourist died at Tegalalang as he tried to push his son on the swing but did not abandoning and was dragged before fatally falling into the valley.

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