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Bali Shopping Tours – For every tourist spending holiday in Bali, visiting art markets may be a must. There are tons of art markets in Bali which all of which sell various sorts of original Balinese souvenirs or handicrafts.

Some garment products like, bamboo shirts, beach shorts, clothes, or Balinese-patterned shirts are sold in these markets. Besides that, some snacks or Balinese foods are worthy to be tasted like Bali sour peanut, Bali cakes, or Bali brem (kind of beverage). the opposite choices are various paintings and sculptures, or body care products like Bali scrubs or aromatherapy scrubs.

However, with the proliferation of recent souvenir shops, these are markets are losing their customers gradually. they might not compete with the polished buildings, air-conditioned rooms, fixed prices, and spacious parking lot of the fashionable souvenir shops.

Shopping in a traditional art market with shopping in modern souvenir shops isn’t comparable. there’s a special sensation once we patronize the art market, attempt to interact with the sellers or bargain the worth given. Besides that, the atmosphere of the art market gives a unique aura of shopping.

if you would like to urge a special experience of shopping, especially souvenir shopping, art markets are the right place for you. There are tons of art markets in Bali, but these markets are the foremost popular in Bali.

Kuta Art Market

Bali Shoping
Kuta Art Market

Usually, tourists like better to buy Bali shirts made up of rayon or thin cotton during this market. However, these shirts aren’t for souvenirs.

These shirts are favorite amongst the tourists to be placed on during their holiday in Bali, due to their originality and in fact comfort when utilized in the recent climate. the foremost favorite shirt for the tourists, especially Australians, is that the one with the local beer logo thereon.

This market is strategically located near the middle of Kuta’s hustle, therefore the tourists who unintentionally travel by the situation are sometimes also attracted by the products sold during this market.

Many handicrafts like sculptures, statues, or paintings are sold in Kuta Art Market. the pictures, motifs, or patterns of those handicrafts aren’t always from Bali, therefore the tourists have tons of choices.
This market opens from 8 or 9 am until 7 am, and is located near Kuta Beach and Kartika Plaza Street.

Every single daily needs and handicraft are available during this market, ranging from kitchen utensils to Balinese ceremonial equipment. This market is additionally an honest destination option to know more about Balinese culinary, like Bali coffee, cakes, or snacks.

The tourists also wish to buy “bokor Bali,” an aluminum offerings platter that is employed to embellish their house. Besides that, you’ll also find bamboo shirts, beach shorts, and other Balinese unique garment products.
This market is found within the center of the town, Gajah Mada Street, Denpasar, near Sulawesi Street which is legendary for its complex of Balinese traditional clothes shops.

Kumbasari Art Market

Bali Shoping
Kumbasari Art Market

Kumbasari Market is found near Badung Market. This market is documented as a wholesaler market. The souvenirs that you simply find in Kuta or near it, actually come from Kumbasari Market.

You can buy some Balinese clothes and accessories here. Not only those small goods, medium and large goods also are sold here like wooden statues or sculptures, even furniture and house decorations.

If you’re interested to shop for things in large quantities, here is that the best place. However, if you simply want to shop for things in retail, the sellers would even be happy.

Kumbasari Market is found in Sulawesi street, Denpasar, and still in one location with Badung Market.

This market is that the most famous amongst the tourists, either local or foreign tourists. Here, you’ll find beach sarongs, shorts, and Balinese patterned clothes, woven bags, or some cute sandals.

Paintings sold during this market are sold well. Since this market is near some handicrafts center villages, so you’ll easily find good statues, sculptures, and paintings here.

Sukawati market is found within the borderline of Denpasar and Gianyar City; as if being the gate of entering Gianyar from Denpasar.

A little tip, it might be better to return within the morning where the market is simply opened and not crowded with guests because you’ll find it easier to buy and bargain.

there’s a singular fact shopping during this time, that the sellers will likely accept your bargain since they believe that refusing the first guest would bring bad luck.

Bali Shopping Guwang Art Market

Bali Shopping Guwang Art Market
Guwang Art Market

This market isn’t as famous as Sukawati Market, albeit the space between these two markets is very close. Guwang Market is found in Guwang Village, Gianyar, only 500 meter from Sukawati Market.

This market looks tidier than Sukawati Market with a bigger parking lot for its guests. Indeed this market is developed to support Sukawati Market.

Not like in Sukawati Market, the buses can easily park in Guwang Market, due to the spacious parking lot.

The shopping goods are even equivalent with Sukawati Market, so this market might be an honest alternative to shop for souvenirs.

Just like the opposite art markets, Ubud Market also sells equivalent products. you’ll find woven bags, Balinese patterned shirts, Balinese traditional clothes, until sculptures and paintings.

This market is sort of large, so you would like to travel further inside to urge the simplest price. The unique fact about this market, which is additionally become an attractive power, is that this market was used because of the shooting location for the Hollywood film, “Eat, Pray, Love” starring Julia Roberts.

This market is extremely strategic. it’s located ahead of Puri Agung Saren Ubud, the palace of Ubud King. Besides that, this market is within the center of Ubud, within the crossroad of Monkey Forest Street. Thus, tourists who spend their holiday here, always come to the present market.

Krisna Bali Souvenir Shop

Bali Shopping | Krisna Bali
Krisna Bali

It is an incomplete holiday to Bali if you are doing not visit Krisna Bali souvenirs. that’s is that the motto of Bali Krisna souvenirs. albeit Bali offers many souvenir shops selling Balinese souvenirs. However, most of our customers who book out Bali tour package services choose a vacation itinerary to Bali by visiting one of Krisna souvenirs shop outlets.

best shopping in Bali – Krisna Outlets In Tuban Bali

There are many Krisna souvenirs outlets in Bali, and currently, there are seven shop outlets in Bali. Besides on the island of Bali, the Krisna souvenirs outlet also exists in Surabaya. Of the seven Krisna souvenirs outlets in Bali, tourists’ most visited is that the Rama Krisna outlet in Tuban Kuta-Bali.

Rama Krisna Tuban-Kuta, the address is on Jalan Raya Tuban No. 2X, Tuban – Kuta, Badung Regency. Krisna Balinese souvenirs in Tuban have a strategic location.

thanks to the outlet’s position, on the brink of the Ngurah Rai International airport. Also, many tourists heading to Ngurah Rai airport for departure usually stop at the Krisna souvenirs outlet in Tuban Kuta.

Krisna Bali sells Bali souvenirs and offers a good selection of remembrance. There are accessories, snacks, handicrafts, key chains, beach fabrics, sandals, scrubs, clothes, and milk pie.

the worth of souvenirs at Krisna Bali is fixing prices. Also, the quantity is printed on the merchandise so you can’t bid.

Opening Hours & Location Maps

Krisna souvenirs in Tuban Kuta, open 24 hours, and there’s a comparatively large parking zone for visitors. to urge it easier for you to seek out Krisna souvenirs’ location in Tuban Kuta, please click the below link!

Discovery Mall Kuta

Bali Shooping
Discovery Shopping Mall

If you never visited Discovery mall In Kuta, the primary question which will arise is, what’s at Discovery Mall Bali? Discovery Mall Kartika Plaza Kuta’s main attraction is because this mall has direct access from the Mall to Kuta beach Bali.

The location of the invention mall Bali is extremely strategic. thanks to the invention of Mall Kartika Plaza Kuta location on the brink of major hotels in Kuta.

Also, the Kuta Discovery mall also adjacent to at least one of the most important water parks in Bali, namely Waterbom Park Kuta.

Like the shopping malls in your origin country, Discovery mall Kuta sells various clothing brands like Adidas, Nike, and Giordano. Besides clothing, there also are places to eat and drink spots like Burger King, Bread Talk, and Starbuck.

By late afternoon, the tourists visiting the Kuta Discovery mall can enjoy the sunset views while drinking tea or coffee at one of the restaurants/cafes.

The address of Discovery mall Kuta is on Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta, Badung Regency. Also, the mall is found right next to Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel.

The Discovery Mall Bali by the area people has recognized with Centro Mall instead of Discovery mall. Sometimes some people call the Mall as Sogo Discovery Mall Bali.

The Discovery mall Kuta is open from 10:00 am – 22:00. the typical time a visitor spends at Discovery mall in Kuta for around 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Vehicle parking for visitors is sort of extensive, and there’s a vehicle parking fee charged hourly. to form it easier for you to seek out locations in Discovery Mall Bali Google Map, please click the link!

The Mall Bali Galeria

Mall Bali Galery

Mall Bali Galeria is an in-depth and complete mall complex in Bali. thanks to there are many department shops, places to eat and drink, playgrounds, supermarkets, and an outsized vehicle parking lot.

Almost a day, the Mall Bali Galeria is usually crowded with visitors for shopping. At Mall Bali Galeria, there’s also an open garden. So visitors can sit back within the park for a short time after getting around the mall.

On the primary floor of the Mall Bali Galeria, you’ll many food courts offering different cuisines and lots of entrance access to the mall.

Besides being a shopping mall, there are also movies at the Mall Bali Galeria. It’s called Mall Bali Galleria Cinema XXI. Cinema XXI Mall Bali Galleria provides three studios.

Opening Hours & Location Maps

The location of Bali Galleria Mall is next to Simpang Siur, which features a statue of Dewa Ruci. The Bali Galleria Mall address is on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Simpang Dewa Ruci, Kuta. space is merely 25 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport if there’s no holdup.

For those of you who, for the primary time, get through this junction will get confused. Therefore, if you would like to go to the Mall Bali Galeria for the primary time and drive your vehicle, use the GPS app.

Bali Mall Galleria is open from 10:00 – 22:00. the typical visitor spends at the Mall Bali Galeria approximately 1-2 hours. The visitor’s parking lot at Bali Mall Galleria is extensive, and there’ll be an hourly parking fee for vehicles. to realize it easier for you to seek out a location Bali Mall Galleria on Google Map, please click the link!

Sukawati Art Market

best places to go shopping in bali Many shopping places in Bali you’ll visit to shop for Balinese souvenirs. the foremost well-known site to urge cheap Bali merchandise is Sukawati Art Market.

The Sukawati art market has long been existing in Bali since 1980. The Sukawati souvenir market had a two-story building, and therefore the location is opposite the Sukawati traditional market.

If you never visited the Sukawati art market, needless to say, you’ll ask! What’s within the Sukawati Art market?

The Sukawati art market’s main building gets a visit from tourists who want to buy Balinese souvenirs. While the Sukawati traditional market, which is opposite the Sukawati Art Market, is attended by residents who are trying to find daily necessities.

When you visit the Sukawati art market, you’ll see many sorts of Balinese crafts. like paintings, carvings, wooden sculptures, silver and gold jewelry, antiques, beach fabrics, and lots of other forms of Balinese souvenirs. you’ll also find products for beds within the Sukawati art market, both in sheets and mattress covers with Balinese motifs. within the area behind the Sukawati art market, visitors will find many sorts of aromatherapy products. like natural oil, candles, and incense.

Location Map & Opening Hours

The address of the Sukawati Art Market is on Jalan Raya Sukawati, Gianyar Regency. the situation of Sukawati Art Market is way from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Still, it’s adjacent to the tourist area of Ubud. Suppose you depart from the Ubud Monkey Forest tourist attraction heading to the Sukawati art market. therein case, it’ll cover roughly 16 kilometers with an estimated period of roughly 45 minutes.

Opening hours of the Sukawati art market from 06:00 – 18:00. the typical time a visitor spends within the Sukawati art marketplace for around 1 hour. to form it simpler for you to seek out the Sukawati art market’s location on Google Map, please click the link!

Joger Bali

what is famous in Bali for shopping If you inquire from me, what’s the simplest thing to shop for in Bali? Alternatively, what quite souvenirs of Bali should I buy during a vacation in Bali? I might recommend you to get souvenirs from Joger Bali. Especially t-shirts with unique Joger words.

Of course, there’s a reason I suggest that you simply buy souvenirs from Joger Bali. Joger’s products are unique because there’s an unusual sentence on each of the Joger Bali products. Also, the first Joger products can only purchase at Joger stores, which are merely available in Bali. Either Joger shops in Kuta or Joger shops in Luwus Bedugul. Therefore, once you have a Bali vacation, it’s an honest idea to shop for some Joger products as a gift for yourself.

Bali Joger Merchandise
When you enter the Joger shop, the doorway is comparatively small. However, after you enter within the area of the Joger store, it seems the shop is extensive. In many are inside the Joger store, there are many inspirational and funny words written within the Indonesian language. So if you understand the Indonesian language, for sure, once you are shopping, you’ll laugh by yourself reading funny and artistic writings around the Joger Bali store area.

There are several sorts of items provided by Joger Bali. like t-shirts, pants, jackets, glasses, sandals, pencils, key chains, refrigerator patches. the products are sold at a coffee price in comparison to the standard of the products.

Then what proportion is that the price of a Bali Joger shirt? The benchmark price of Joger shirts is varying. For the worth of Joger t-shirts for youngsters , the worth is above IDR 50,000. the speed of an adult Joger shirt is approximately IDR 100,000. Please note the value of a Joger Bali shirt can change at any time.

Location & Opening Hours
The Joger Bali word factory has long been famous and is one of the long-lasting souvenirs of Bali. a day the Joger shop is crowded with visitors. The Joger T-shirt shop in Bali is in two locations. To be ready to see the situation map of the 2 Joger stores in Bali, please click the link below!

Joger Kuta store, located in Jala Raya Kuta, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, open from 10:00 – 20:00. the typical visitor spends time for about 1 hour.

Joger Luwus store, located on Mekarsari No.16 – Luwus, Baturiti Bedugul, Tabanan Regency, open from 10:00 – 18:00. the typical time a visitor spends approximately 1 hour. Tourists usually visit the Joger Luwus shop after visiting the Bedugul Tabanan tourist area.

Poppies Lane

Shopping markets in Bali – There is a road called Jalan Legian within the Kuta tourist area, not the Legian beach Bali! For your information, between the Jalan Legian and Legian beach Bali the situation is different albeit they’re close. From the Jalan Legian Kuta area, there are two aisles called Gang Poppies 1 & 2, which connect the Jalan Legian area with Kuta beach Bali.

Types of Merchandise
At the Jalan Legian Kuta, you’ll see a row of huge shops and little shops. Most of the shops on the Jalan Legian Kuta roadside offer Balinese products like art items and t-shirts that tourists usually buy for souvenirs.

There also are import goods like surf equipment, shoes and sandals, shirts, pants, and modern boutiques that sell branded clothes. you’re even ready to find 24-hour supermarkets alongside the Jalan Legian Kuta Bali.

Jalan Legian Bali is extremely long, about 2.9 kilometers, therefore the best thanks to get around Legian Street is by motorbike or foot. you’ll visit shops on Jalan Legian and therefore the Poppies alley freely by riding a motorbike or walking.

Aside from being a shopping location on Jalan Legian, there’s also the Bali Bomb Memorial. at night, Jalan Legian Bali turns into a paradise of nightlife. thanks to Jalan Legian, there are many bars, cafes, and discos that are open till morning. to form it comfortable for you to seek out the situation of Jalan Legian Kuta Bali on Google Map, please click the link!

Beachwalk mall

cheap clothes shopping in Bali – If you invite Bali mall, visit Indonesian tourists while on vacation in Bali? the solution is Beachwalk mall Kuta. The attraction of Beach Walk shopping mall Kuta Bali lies within the location of the mall. The Beachwalk mall Bali location is extremely strategically adjacent to Bali’s iconic tourist spot, namely Kuta beach Bali.

Visitors only got to cross the road from the Beach Walk shopping mall Kuta entrance to line foot on the sand of Kuta beach Bali.

Apart from the strategic mall location, Beachwalk mall Kuta offers different concepts of Mall designs, which is that the concept of an outside mall with a chic garden layout. The building of Beach Walk shopping mall Kuta consists of 4 floors, Basement 1, 1st floor, 2nd floor, and 3rd floor.

So what are you able to patronize Kuta Beachwalk Shopping Mall? Most of the products sold at the Beach Walk shopping mall Kuta are European brand fashion products.

On the first floor, you’ll find fashion outlets like Zara, Mango, Coach,
Lacoste, Fossil, and lots of other brands. you’ll discover Haagen Dazs, Chatime, and Fish & Co. outlets for food and beverage outlets.

While on the 2nd floor, you’ll find apparel fashion brands like Adidas, DC, Everbest, Hush Puppies, H & M, and lots of other brands. For food and beverage outlets on the 2nd floor like Starbuck, Sushi Tei, Bari-Uma Ramen.

On the 3rd floor, Kuta Beachwalk Mall, you’ll find more kid’s apparel stores and toy stores, like Squishy Inc, Kidz Station. In contrast, the Basement floor is meant for parking vehicles and ATM centers.

Location & Opening Hours
The address of Kuta Beachwalk mall is at Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort at Jalan Pantai Kuta, Bali. The parking lot of the Kuta Beachwalk mall is pervasive, and there’s a parking fee charge on an hourly basis. The Opening hours of Beach Walk shopping mall Kuta;

On Sundays – Thursday from 10:30 – 22:30.
Friday & Saturday, open from 10:00 – 00:00.

To make it easier for you to seek out the situation of Beach Walk shopping mall Kuta on Google Map, please click the link!

Ubud Art Market

Bali shopping markets – In addition to the shop in Kuta Bali, Ubud’s shopping places also are included within the list of top ten shopping places in Bali.

one of the simplest places to shop for Bali merchandise in Ubud at low prices is at the Ubud Art Market. Balinese handicrafts that you simply will find within the Ubud Art market, such as.

Silk scarves, T-shirts, beach fabrics, shirt clothes, bags, baskets or traditional Balinese hats, carvings, wooden statues, kites, and lots of other sorts of goods other handicrafts that I can’t mention one by one.

Ubud Art Market location is extremely strategic because it’s within the central Ubud area. The Ubud art market location is on the brink of Ubud’s famous attraction. like The Saraswati temple Ubud, Ubud Monkey Forest, and Ubud Palace Puri Saren.

The address of the Ubud Art market is Jalan Raya Ubud No.35. Also, the Ubud art market is open a day from 6 am to six pm. to form it simpler for you to seek out the Ubud Art Market’s location on Google Map, please click the link!

Seminyak Village Mall

Seminyak Village
Seminyak Villages

Bali shopping malls – The last of Bali’s top ten shopping places, loved by tourists, is that the Seminyak Village Mall. The Seminyak Village mall is one of the most recent shopping malls in Bali. The mall location is in Seminyak, Bali’s tourist area.

it’s fairly often visited by tourists who are on holiday in Seminyak, Bali. Therefore, if you would like a shopping experience in Seminyak Bali, you’ll see the Seminyak Village mall.

Seminyak is synonymous with tourist attractions that provide luxury resorts, upscale culinary, and boutique galleries scattered along the Seminyak area.

Seminyak Village Mall building is around 6,000 square meters. At the mall Seminyak Village, you’ll find high-end fashion brands and designer boutique brands.

like MCM (high-end leather bag brand), Farah Khan, Rococo, InTime, SML, Aldo, and lots of other luxury brands that aren’t familiar to me. additionally to high-end fashion items, at Seminyak Village Mall, you’ll also find places to eat, like Tiger Palm, DOUGH DARLINGS.

On the highest floor of Seminyak Village, there’s a terrace, and from this terrace, you’ll see views of Seminyak beach and sunset views.

Seminyak Village Mall location is on Jalan Kayu Jati No. 8, Seminyak, and adjacent to Seminyak Square. Seminyak Village Mall is open from 10:00 – 22:00. to form it effortless for you to seek out the situation of Seminyak Village Mall on Google Map, please click the link!

Summary Top Shopping Places In Bali

From the list of 12 favorite shopping places in Bali that tourists love, which one will you visit? Indeed all of you’ll have different shopping malls in Bali or the simplest art markets in Bali.

However, for me, Mall Bali Galeria is one of the simplest shopping malls. thanks to the worth of garments, food, and drinks at Mall Bali Galeria remains affordable consistent with my budget.

For the simplest markets in Bali for reasonable shopping in Bali, my choice is that the Sukawati art market. However, it might be best if you were good at bargaining2

Also, suppose you would like to go to one of the ten favorite shopping places in Bali above. therein case, you would like to know the simplest transportation options that you simply can get in Bali.

Bali shopping tips

Bali shopping tips – One of Bali’s best ways to possess a vacation is to use Bali hire car services with a driver. By renting a car with a driver, you don’t get to worry about finding a vehicle parking.

Also, you don’t get to believe routes and road congestion. thanks to Bali’s ten favorite shopping places, the situation is within the main central tourism area with a high holdup.

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