Bali Honeymoon Guide

6 Ultimate Guide For Your Bali Honeymoon

Honeymoon In Bali ‘The Island Paradise’, a ‘true getaway’, or maybe ‘heaven on earth’, Like visit Nusa Penida Beach or try to dinner at a restaurant these are just a couple of the phrases Bali visitors have rightfully wont to describe the island. actually , it’s impossible to accurately describe the sweetness found during this little a part of the planet.

Honeymoon Bali

Isolated from hectic rush hours, skyscrapers, and nutriment joints, Bali is on the highest of everyone’s must visit list permanently reason! there is no other place within the world like this, and you’ll never want to go away – tons folks never do!

Bali has the power to be whatever you would like within the world – happiness, adventure, or excitement. Locals believe the island returns whatever you come checking out, and in abundance.

1. Why Bali for your honeymoon?

Whether it’s been only a couple of months or a year, wedding season is extremely hectic and your entire family surely wanted to be a part of it! Handling the chaos, nerves, and excitement all directly are often extremely stressful.

Your honeymoon is that the perfect opportunity to finally escape from it all alongside your partner, your one true love. Bali is one among the highest destinations within the world that caters to honeymooners, best friends, and most significantly – lovers.

Disconnect your phones, give your attention to the one you truly care about, and luxuriate in island life the way it’s meant to be – laidback, chilled out, and coconut in hand.

2. Top areas to go to on your Bali Honeymoon

When planning your honeymoon, it can easily become overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to plan an in-depth itinerary for a really short trip. The previous couple of weeks are filled with stress about your wedding, so leave your honeymoon getting to us.

Whether you’re a water baby or a hiker, we believe you ought to see a touch little bit of everything. Having both your partner and your interests in mind – the below itinerary keeps everyone happy!

A. Ubud

Photo By @mybalitrip – Gunug Kawi Temple

Starting your honeymoon on a high, we highly recommend heading straight for the hills to a hideaway in Ubud. Serene palm trees, stunning rice terraces, and a spiritual aura will engulf you during this beautiful town. Throughout some time here, you’ll feel a shift in energy, a deeper connection, and romantic sparks flying.

B. Seminyak

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From Ubud, we recommend booking a couple of nights within the most happening and fun area of the island – Seminyak. Loaded with cafes, cute boutiques, and beyond gorgeous villas – time will fly because the both of you relax under the sun catching those Bali rays of sunshine. Central to everything, Seminyak is that the best location if you’re curious about doing day trips to the Nusa islands.

C. Canggu

The Lawn | Dress Codes
The Lawn Canggu

No but a couple of years ago, Canggu was a reasonably quiet beach town in Bali with only a couple of hostels (mainly for surfers) and not much else. But over the previous couple of place it’s grown into one among the foremost buzzing tourist destinations. It’s now filled with beautiful villas, funky cafes and awesome bars that are open til the first hours!

Come here to experience amazing food, take a yoga class, chill at the various beachside warungs, try your hand at surfing and dance the night away! it is a really cool mixture of chilled out vibes during the day and party time in the dark that you’re bound to both enjoy.

While you’re there definitely inspect Lola’s Cantina Mexicana for awesome vegan Mexican food, The Shady Shack for the simplest smoothie bowl you’ll ever had, Luigi’s Hot Pizza for insane pizza and an excellent party, also as Deus Ex Machina for live music nightly .

D. Uluwatu

Omnia | Bali Beach Club | Dress Codes

Lastly, book yourselves into a stunning cliffside villa facing the Indian Ocean in Uluwatu. During the day, prefer to relax call at the sun or surf the simplest waves you’ve ever seen. At night, choose between a spread of beach clubs to grab a drink or dance the night away. And don’t forget to catch the sunset at Uluwatu temple!

3. Top hotels to remain at on your Bali Honeymoon

Your entire life you’ve dreamt of getting an expensive honeymoon – it is your one chance to possess the romantic getaway you both deserve. Whether you’re at spa treatments, beach clubs, or restaurants, it is the hotel you usually remember a few trip, so it is vital to urge it right!

When talking about luxury, Bali doesn’t take any shortcuts – no where within the world does high-end service quite just like the Balinese. this is often your chance to actually experience that.

A. The Mulia, Nusa Dua

Photo By : themuliabali

Kept hidden in an exclusive area of Nusa Dua, a haven for luxurious resorts, one among our favorites is that the Mulia. A 5 Star resort which is that the epitome of luxury, offering world-class amenities with unparalleled service and a spotlight to detail. Whether you select suites, serene villas, or elegant rooms, we guarantee you’ll truly be taken care of here.


B. Ritz Carlton, Nusa Dua

Top Hotel
Photo By : ritzcarltonbali

A massive property spanning miles across Nusa Dua, the Ritz Carlton may be a real world paradise. With personal butler service, romantic meals under star-lit skies and spa treatments including pearls and seaweed, the Ritz Carlton is unparalleled to the other resort on the island.

As soon as you arrive, you instantly feel the high level of service they supply , and throughout your trip, you’ll feel cared for exactly as required . We highly recommend choosing to try to to the normal Soul Purification Ritual to welcome your new life phase.


C. The Edge, Uluwatu

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The Edge

While Nusa Dua may have stunning properties, it’s the sting in Uluwatu that has truly captured our hearts. Hanging (as the name suggests), directly on the sting of a 530ft limestone cliff, this luxury villa resort spoils you with spectacular views beginning at the shore of the Indian Ocean and spanning across to the very fringe of the planet .

Whether you’re an Instagram influencer or simply enjoy taking photos, you won’t be ready to resist capturing the magazine-worthy shots from every angle of this property.


D. The Legian, Seminyak

Photo By : @thelegianbali

The Legian in Seminyak is an exclusive all-suite hotel set in landscaped tropical gardens, offering unrivalled views across the Indian Ocean . Flanked by a quiet beach, this luxury property offers a singular chance to experience the magical island of Bali during a relaxed setting.

Surrounded by landscaped gardens and lotus ponds, The Legian Bali boasts exquisite accommodation style. Situated during a quiet enclave in Seminyak, this exquisite residence that redefines luxury, offers guests the last word in privacy, and unobtrusive, yet flawless, personalised service.


E. Hanging Gardens of Bali, Ubud

Photo By : @hanginggardensubud

This resort is best known for its breathtaking infinity pool, which sits the top infinity pool over jungle treetops and offers gorgeous vistas of the gorge below. The location is half-hour from Ubud center, the hotel offers a peaceful rain forest getaway, complete with an expensive spa and dining options that range from an on-site restaurant


4. Top restaurants to go to on your Bali Honeymoon

A. El Kabron

Photo By : @elkabronbali

Honeymoon trips are all about romance, and zip is more romantic that dinner during a beautiful restaurant. and therefore the island is consistently placing itself at the highest of international fine-dining charts.

El Kabron is one restaurant that you simply cannot miss. Settled on the side of the island, this stunning beach-front restaurant and lounge has Spanish soul vibrantly splashed across the venue. The ambiance is amazing and therefore the food is even better – don’t forget to form those reservations, you’ll thank us later.


B. Bikini Restaurant

Photo By : Bikini Restaurant

If you’re in Seminyak, the trendiest city on the island, then it’s only right to go to the chicest restaurant that’s shaking up the town . The wild card in fine dining, a meal at Bikini is like attending the banquet of the year.

You’ll notice how quickly you befriend the whole Bikini team. We recommend choosing the “Feed Me” option where the chef selects your order counting on your tastes. It’s fun, light, and a superb start to an excellent night. Famously known for his or her cocktails, we won’t tell anyone if you’ve got one too many!


C. Mana Uluwatu

Photo By : @tommyschultzphoto

Mana Uluwatu may be a new addition to the long-lasting cluster of breath-taking dwellings, all overlooking enchanting cliff views, world-class waves and golden horizons. Mana Uluwatu is that the heart of Uluwatu Surf Villas.

Come to enjoy the spectacular views, and hang for soulful meals and top-tier cocktails. Their menu features eclectic selects from both land and sea. Built with true surfer style and Balinese tradition, the magic of the Mana are going to be leaving you coming for more.


D. Fishbone Local

restaurant | Honeymoon
Photo By : @fishbonelocal

Nestled within the main street of Canggu, where Batu Bolong dips towards Old Man’s Beach, stands Fishbone Local, a up to date eatery and bar that captures the seaside state of mind. Just a brief stroll up from the waves, the restaurant features a clear focus: simple, precise preparations of the best and freshest seafood available.

The list menu rotates daily, taking its cues from Balinese beachside barbecue, but calls upon other coastal cultures for inspiration too. The bar keeps things short and sharp with a compact list of beer and wine, but the cocktails play a number one role.

Timeless classics using native ingredients like kaffir lime, pandan and pomelo bring new life to old fashioned drinks, while soft drinks, young coconuts and kombucha also are on offer.

A the very heart of Fishbone Local’s ethos lies a commitment to stewardship and fair trade. and has partnered with Bali Sustainable Seafood, a social enterprise company.


E. Seafood Restaurants at Jimbaran Beach

restaurant | Honeymoon
Photo By : Jimbaran seafood

Ditch the flamboyant venues, strip away the expensive cutlery, and let’s mention being truly romantic. One underrated experience that isn’t talked about the maximum amount because it should be is that the gorgeous sunset dinners that are happening across Jimbaran beach.

Local restaurant owners pull out wooden tables, candles, and white tablecloths across the sandy white beach.

In their shops, they’ll have a spread of cannon fodder displayed that are caught that very afternoon – all at a particularly affordable price. this is often that perfect last dinner you’ll want to plan. Located on the brink of the airport, we encourage guests to book their last night in Jimbaran to comfortably enjoy this experience. Send us a message if you are looking for an excellent seafood restaurant in Jimbaran.

5. Top activities for your Bali Honeymoon

There is such a lot to try to to while in Bali, the simplest thanks to plan your trip is to collectively decide all the activities you would like to try to to , then time them correctly in order that it doesn’t become overwhelming. this is often your honeymoon trip in any case , and you’ll want to enjoy all of it.

A. Experience a Balinese Spa

Photo by : hellomissmay

With numerous outdoor activities, we always encourage travelers to require a few of days to actually relax, indulge, and do something that’ll put a smile on their face. one among our top tours is our VIP Ultimate Spa Experience.

If you’ve done the Mount Batur Sunrise Hike, surf lessons, and had your big night out, are going to be quite a soothing spa session for you and your partner.

We’ve partnered with Prana Spa to make a custom “Sun & Moon” spa massage that’ll have both of you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Whether it’s the start or end of your trip, this is often an excellent “pick-me-up” opportunity, and a serious highlight to go away for the day before you board your flight.

B. Go on day trip to Nusa Penida For Your Bali Hanoymoon

For the times you’re eager to be out and about Penida, we highly recommend taking each day trip to Nusa Penida. If you think Bali is stunning, just wait till you see this tiny island right over the waters. Beyond beautiful sunsets, crystal clear water, and untouched sand – the image you’ve got of paradise in your head is what Nusa Penida seems like.

With Vw Tour And Transport Bali, you’ll believe us to arrange everything from start to end. additionally, to having a private guide in Penida, you’ll be invited to a personal group chat with our local team to make sure all of your needs are taken care of at any leg of the trip in penida.

Check out the video above for more of what you’ll expect from our Nusa Penida Instagram Tour: Most Famous Spots.

C. Take a standard Balinese cooking class

Photo By : niabalinesecookingclass

They say you actually get to understand an individual from traveling with them, but we believe you’ll really get to understand them once you take a cooking class together! quite anything, we love organizing activities that make amazing memories for our guests. Do something unique this trip and take yourselves out of your comfort zones!

Put both of your skills to the test with a very exciting cooking class and see who can make the higher Nasi Goreng!

Not only will you’ve got the chance to cook a delicious Indonesian meal, you’ll also visit an area market to ascertain where your fresh ingredients are purchased. Finish the day with a full immersion into local culture by visiting Tanah Lot – a historic beachfront temple that has the picturesque sunsets!

If this excites you then you’ll love our Balinese Cooking Class & Tanah Lot Temple Visit.

D. Climb a volcano together

Hikes in Bali and Lombok | Bali Hikes | rice terraces
Bali Mt. Batur

One of the foremost exciting things it’s to supply is its famous active volcano hikes. Among them are Mount Batur, Mount Bratan, and Mount Agung – which has caused quite a few disruptions over the past few years.

But if you’re looking to be blown away, we recommend booking a Mount Batur tour. Also referred to catch the sunrise together, What might be more romantic than experiencing that together?

As we sort everything from start to end for you! You and your beloved can relax and luxuriate in the experience as we’ll pick you up directly from your hotel in Bali and are with you each step of the way.

6. Best beaches to go to For Bali Honeymoon

Life is all about the great times – that’s what you’re in Bali for! Chasing sunsets, splashing in turquoise colored water, and getting perfectly sun kissed – the Bali beaches are exactly where you would like to be. While day clubs and pool parties are absolutely amazing, there’s something special about isolating yourself together with your partner on a secluded beach in Uluwatu.

A. Canggu

Photo By : cavyfishing

Surfer babes this one’s for you! Whether you’ve always dreamt of catching your first wave in Bali or could roll in the hay together with your eyes closed, Canggu is that the spot with the simplest waves. Head over to Batu Bolong or Echo Beach and you’ll find surf shops lined up all across the shore. Rent a board, hang ten, and spend each day splashing around within the water.

Don’t hesitate if you would like to require a lesson, the instructors here are amazing!

B. Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida | Bali Honeymoon Guide
Nusa Penida

There’s something special about walking barefoot within the sand, there’s a change in energy once you ground yourself, have you ever ever felt that? one among our favourite places is Nusa Penida – it’s an island with all the beaches you’ve seen on Instagram.

Unlike Bali, Nusa Penida remains untouched, undeveloped, and still a pure beauty. Join us on our excursion tour as we explore the island, erode local warungs, and spend the day enjoying a slow pace lifestyle. Nusa Penida will always have a special place in everyone’s heart.

You can read about nusa penida in here

C. Kuta Beach

Bali Honeymoon
Photo By :_kimkoon

Kuta Beach is pretty almost like all the opposite beaches in Bali – soft white sand, azure waters, amazing surf, and incredible sunsets. Let’s be honest, visiting just about any beach in Bali is like living the dream!

But what makes Kuta Beach special is that the Kuta Beach marine turtle Conservation Program – a nonprofit and non-government program that aims to guard sea turtles and their habitat, to boost public awareness regarding on marine turtle protection of natural habitats.

They actually give tourists the chance to release a baby turtle into the ocean for a little fee of fifty baht! The species of sea turtles nesting on Kuta Beach are Pacific ridley turtles. The program relocates marine turtle eggs laid on Kuta beach and therefore the surrounding beaches to a central hatchery to stay them safe. And once they’re hatched you get to line them free!

marine turtle nesting season on Kuta Beach is from March to September, while hatching season is from April to October annually . So April to October is that the best time to be part in witnessing the turtle release. Usually the baby marine turtle is released the day after they hatch from the nest.

This happens on Kuta Beach a day during hatching season. you only got to attend the conservation center for 4.30pm to pay your fee, then release your little dude into the ocean at around 5pm. Enjoy!

D. Balangan Beach

Bali Honeymoon | Beach
Photo By : thehoneydreamers

Locally mentioned as Pantai Balangan, there’s a reef just off the coast that makes one among the longest left-hander breaks on the island.

alongside Balangan’s sister breaks of Dreamland, Impossibles, Padang Padang, Suluban, and Uluwatu further south. albeit you are not a surfer, this is often an excellent place to relax and spend the day wandering up and down the beach, catching some rays and enjoying some local cuisine.

So if you’re trying to find that perfect honeymoon getaway for you and your partner… well look no further. Bali will offer you that perfect mixture of excitement and relaxation. there’s something magical about this island and we’re excited for you to return and visit.

If you’ve got any questions, be happy to succeed in bent us as we always like to help our guests see truth great thing about Bali. we glance forward to hearing from you!

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