Activity: Massage And Spa

Bali Spa Tour is a Bali Activities Tour package that offers the best Bali Spa packages with the lowest price that you should try during your holiday on the island of paradise. Enjoy Balinese spa massage and other treatments with professional and experienced therapists will give you excellent therapy care for refresh your mind and body.

Bali Spa provides the Balinese style of Spa treatments with a blend of ancient therapeutic remedies & modern day Spa rituals to be healthy, rejuvenate & well being. Through the healing hands of a superbly trained therapist, we present only natural ingredient blend of products, the purest natural selected oils, herb & spices to deliver the ideal refuge for relaxation & rejuvenation.

The Balinese believe that the body, mind, and spirit work in harmony. The health and well being of all make the whole happy. Enjoy this delightful blend of massage techniques: traditional Balinese massage, reflexology, face, and hand massage. Results in improved circulation released muscle tension, and soothing relaxation.

It’s all in the name! Simply put, you will be pampered from head to toe for two hours. Enjoy a relaxing full body massage using the best in our custom blended aromatherapy oils. The focus now turns towards the heavens as you experience mental relaxation and serenity during Bali Spa.

Your therapist will massage vital marma points as a golden stream of medicated oil cascades off your forehead and scalp. We strongly recommend relaxation after this deeply meditative and transformative experience.

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